A couple of weeks ago, we got an early peek at the latest update for Simogo’s Bumpy Road [$2.99], and today that update is now live in the App Store. Bumpy Road launched in May and we were quite taken with it in our review. Its unique gameplay mechanic of manipulating the elevation of the ground to control your car as it putted through the game set it apart from anything else on the App Store, and its charming music and visuals made it an endearing experience.

Bumpy Road received a meaty update last month, adding two new variations to their timed Sunday Trip mode as well as new level segments, gizmos, and other features. Today’s update gives some love to the other type of gameplay mode in the game, Evergreen Ride. This is the main endless mode, and it has been renamed Evergreen Ride Spring to make way for the new Evergreen Ride Autumn. The new Autumn mode features a new visual setting with 220 new level segments as well as 3 new types of moving platforms. You can see all of this in the trailer for The Autumn Years update:

Other additions in this update include new music for the Evergreen Ride Autumn mode and a new Game Center leaderboard and several new achievements. Bumpy Road was really something special when it launched, and these past 2 content updates are basically just icing on the cake, continuing to keep the game fresh. I’m not sure what’s coming up next for Bumpy Road, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any new update plans from Simogo. In the meantime check out the thread in our forums for Bumpy Road and be sure to update your game to check out the new Autumn Years content.

  • Anako

    I love Simogo. <3