Do you know what Julius Styles: The International is? Don’t look at me because I don’t. My best guess is that it’s an isometric character-driven action game with a few puzzles and a few rote stealth sequences. But I suppose it could also be a hunting game that mixes in a dialogue tree here and there. I’m not joking. Look at this latest trailer, which shows the titular character with a dead mountain goat slung over his shoulder and a bow in his other arm. Also, take note of the comic book-inspired narrative underpinnings. It's silly and vague, but also awesome. I haven't been this confused and excited since those early middle school years.

One of the oddest things about this trailer (other than the goat bit) is that Julius Styles does not sound like Wesley Snipes. We were under the impression that the man would voice the character he’s based on, but perhaps that’s not the case? Maybe this is where the whole spy angle comes in. That would make sense, right?

Regardless, Julius Styles is definitely a game we’ll continue following as it hurdles to a mid-August release on iOS. If it’s any bit what we think it is, though, we’ll be surprised.

  • Fff

    it's not strange that he doesn't sound like snipes..
    snipes is in jail
    On June 6, 2011, the United States Supreme Court dismissed Snipes' appeal.[40][41][42] Snipes' projected date of release is July 19, 2013.[43]

  • Mr T Bailey

    I'd much rather get my hands on Julia Stiles.

  • LeeDot

    "I live in the shadows... the shadows are dark places."  I'm glad he cleared that up, because really I had no idea that shadows are dark. 

  • Me

    hard to do video game voice work from a jail cell.