Big news for those of you on the fence about Continuity 2 [$.99] and for those of you who went ahead grabbed the game after our glowing review: a free trial version of the puzzle title is hitting this Thursday, featuring a total of 11 levels picked from the game’s total 50. Also, the full version is set to receive Game Center achievements support in a future update.

The Continuity series began as an award-winning flash game, but soon found its audience with the sequel on the App Store. It's a really creative puzzle game that has you flipping pieces of levels in order to progress or solve puzzles. Like most of its ilk, Continuity 2 features a rich drip-feed of new mechanics and concepts, so you’ll never really get settled. Also, if you’ve a competitive edge, there’s completion time level tracking.

You can read more about the game here, if you’d like. I’m digging it so far, which strikes me as odd considering how easily I’m frustrated by puzzle games in general. I guess I’ve got something for stick figures and simplistic art direction.