Back in May, Crescent Moon Games announced Deadlock, a dual-stick shooter built around the idea of competitive online play, and released a brief teaser video showing off a small portion of the gameplay. It looked promising, and in fact, Crescent Moon isn’t acting alone on this release as Invulse Games is responsible for most of the production and Pocket RPG [$2.99] developer Tasty Poison Games has a hand in some of the artwork as well.

In brief, Deadlock's focus is online multiplayer for up to 8 players with deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture & hold gameplay types. It will ship with 5 maps to start, with more planned for down the line, and a large assortment of weaponry and equipment which you can unlock and equip on your character as you level up and earn the 30 ranks in the game. For the shy gamers, you’ll be able to play a survival mode as well as a mode against computer AI bots if you wish, but really, Deadlock is made for battling it out online.

Today, Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon has sent us a new hands-on video of Deadlock with a bit of commentary to go with it. Have a look at the video for yourself as the sultry sound of Josh’s voice penetrates your ears:

The biggest bit of news that accompanies this hands-on video is that Deadlock will be launching this Thursday the 21st, and it will be launching for free. That’s right, for free. The developer’s understand that the best way to get a good community going for an online multiplayer game is to set the barrier for entry as low as possible, basically inviting anybody to give Deadlock a try. Now, don’t get too excited, as the length of time that Deadlock will be free isn’t set in stone. It very well may convert to a paid app sometime after launch, so if you’re interested in the game at all it would be best to download as soon as it’s available this Thursday.

We’ve been toying around with preview copies of Deadlock for months now, but we’re pretty excited to try out the game when there’s actually a decent pool of players online. And based on the comments in our forums, there’s plenty of people ready to get their frag on as well. We’ll be sure to take a closer look at the final version of Deadlock when it launches later this week.

  • Noam Rathaus

    I like the concept, my main fear is people who spend a lot of money will have an easy kill of those who just want to do it for casual play.

    If a ranking system would exist, that would make those who spend money less likely to meet those who spend no money, or very little - as they will be ranked separately.

    This method works great in LoL (league of legends).

    • Shafe Assaf

      When did they say it would be Free 2 Play? As in, microtransactions? I can't see that tidbit of information anywhere.

      • Noam Rathaus

        It says its free and you can buy improvements to your character, watch the movie.

    • Chris Mele

      This isn't really an issue in deadlock (I am the dev of this game).  The more expensive guns aren't significantly more powerful than cheaper guns, but they are a bit more powerful (You can also buy 4 different pieces of armor).  This isn't like MMO's where higher level players cannot be killed by lower level players, but more like COD where you will unlock better weapons as you progress. 

      • Anonymous

        Regardless of significant or not a paid advantage is just that a cheap way of playing a game. Paying for cosmetic or the game itself is fine I for one will not play a game where people pay for upgrades

      • Chris Mele

        Consider it like people paying to get weapons in COD or in the Battlefield provides some advantage but a good player with lesser items will beat a worse player with better items anyday.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but what if im a good player playing against an awesome player with upgrades. Or im a new player playing against an good playet do you see my point the pay system does not state you are an awesome player so this is your handicap. No matter how you word it is an unfair advantage to people who choose not to buy them.

      • Anonymous

        To me it seems more like people who don't buy an upgrade are people who testing out the "lite" version. 
        There has to be some sort of charge or the game couldn't exist. (I assume anyways)
        From the looks of it  it could easily be a couple bucks instead of free and not have as many people on the servers to pwn  😀
        So, at least free users can get in on the action to see if they want to spend a couple bucks first

      • Chris Mele

        Keep in mind, that everything you can purchase with IAP can be earned by simply ranking up in game. 

      • Joecarr

        this is the most important thing to note and has sold it to me (ironically being a statement that assures me one does not 'need' to pay to play haha....)

    • guest

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  • Shafe Assaf

    An amazing game for free. How much better can this game get?

  • John Usher

    This looks sweet I'll be checking it out on release

  • backtothis

    Definitely looks like some good shit from the trailer. Lol, complaints about iAP already.

  • Shar

    hmmm, looks to me like a run of the mill twin stick shooter... bit boring really, ok for a couple of plays then hella boring just the same as any other game like this. whats new here.

    • Paus Akid

      I'm excited about the online play.

  • KiwiGummy

    This looks pretty cool, cant wait to try it out.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, free to play. So in other words. I will be getting raped by the guys who immediately splash down cash to unlock the better guns. Last time I played COD seriously was MW2. and as far as I'm aware, you didn't spend Microsoft points to unlock the better guns. You earned them by levelling up. Course I only prestiged twice then got distracted by mass effect 2 and never went back, things might have changed.

    If the guns you can earn by paying for them or levelling up AREN'T significantly different and more powerful than the basics... Why should we bother levelling up?

    But it is free... I'll give it a go. Is there at least a skill/experience matching thing like eliminate?

  • Blake Gjerdingen

    First off, cheers to Chris and the entire CM team. Every game I have played from CM has been outstanding.

    I am one of those who have been following Deadlock since I first heard about it.  To be honest, the way your IAP system sounds makes me even more excited. There is no infinite pit that you can pour your money into (cough cough smurf berries), which means I will be one of those that plops down money after I decide the game is worthy. Its not because i want to pwn noobs harder, its because I love this developer and want them to be successful.

    Lets not forget that they are giving us this game for FREE. A game that the developers have spent countless hours developing. The least we can do (provided the game is good) is to snap up some IAP $$.

  • Travis Tameirao

    I've been following Deadlock for a long time, and also have been hounding the developers on Twitter about it's release lol. As far as iAP, well I was a huge huge fan of Eliminate Pro, and was one of the best players in the game. Yes, fighting people who bought all there stuff may seem frustrating, but honestly the experience you earn by just playing balances things out just fine. It's a free game, and there is no severe loss in my honest opinion. I will only fear the same thing I feared about Eliminate—hackers! Chris, are there measures put up against potential in game modders?

    • Declan466

      To be honest... I was a hacker in that game. I only resorted to that out of boredom though: I'd got all the best equipment (for my play style), and was sick of fighting n00bs with big credit cards - it wasn't balanced, and it got to the point where one match in ten was actually worth playing, and I pretty much just said screw it, I'm hacking out of sheer boredom with this game.

      Moral of this story: devs, don't make a game and leave it: update it about once every two months with new stuff (doesn't have to be much, a new gun or skin is fine) and people will keep playing your game. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, DONT MAKE EVERYTHING AVAILIABLE VIA IAP (the one way to ruin a perfectly good game)

  • thomalex89

    Please let the man make some money!!

  • Grandsamsta

    may i ask what are the system requirements and stuff to play this game? thanks

  • Wooseokjo

    will it come out on android too? my friends have android phones and i would like to match up with them

  • Jordan Gray

    here's hoping deadlock crashes less than pocket rpg ... i've lost over 5 dungeons of progress in that game ...