Earlier today, Taito tweeted out a link that led to a teaser site for a game called Groove Coaster. On the site, we learned that Groove Coaster is "an exhilarating next-gen groove game" being developed by Reisuke Ishida, the creator of Space Invaders Infinity Gene [$4.99/Lite]. Unfortunately that, along with the below image, is all there is to know about the game at this time.

In case you're unfamiliar, Space Invaders Infinity Gene is the retro-rebirth of the legendary arcade game Space Invaders. It was released way back in July of 2009 and basically blew everybody away with its incredibly stylish visuals, fantastic music, and manic gameplay. The game is utterly phenomenal, and if you asked anyone what they would consider the top iPhone games of all time you would hear Space Invaders Infinity Gene's name frequently.

As for Groove Coaster, all we can really do is speculate at this point, but it does sound like it will be some sort of rhythm or music game. If you think about Space Invaders Infinity Gene, the awesome music in it was a huge part of what made it so special. There was even the ability to create your own levels from songs in your iPod library. It will definitely be interesting to see what sort of gameplay will be involved in Groove Coaster, how it will utilize music or "grooving", and just how the Space Invaders brand will come into play.

We'll definitely keep our ears open for any information for Groove Coaster, and in the meantime you can head over to our forums to talk about the game.

  • Anonymous

    Use of the term "next-gen" leads me to suspect this game is being developed for 3DS or PSVita. I guess that doesn't rule out an iOS port, though.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QCP4WHWLUQHFIOP66SLEA7E5CA Hampus

      or it's the next generation of groove game...