In celebration of the July release of Battle Slugs [$.99], a hexagonal strategy game that has you, as a storm of slugs, claiming territory, German creator GameProm has slashed the price of one of its key releases to pennies, while also cutting cost of a select group of games to $0, which is always a great price.

Think of the money you’ll save as you devour the following free offerings. Now you’ll finally be able to afford Netflix! Or detergent! Or cat food! I’m screaming!

One other game thus far has received a discounted price, which you know, will still save you a little bit money.

I'm currently checking out Wild West Pinball. The other night, actually, I started thinking about how badly I wanted to see "Young Guns" again. Hopefully, this'll sate my grit and sand desires until the work day is over. If not... well, there's always Thunder Ball Pinball, which is alright but has nothing to do with cowboys.

  • drelbs

    Is Thunder Ball Pinball one of their titles?

    • Adams Immersive

      I don’t think so. Must be a joke of some kind?

  • Thicky

    Lol Thunder Pinball 😛