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How You’ll Kill And Move In ‘Epoch’

How do you kill stuff and move around in Uppercut Games’ forthcoming cover-based shooter Epoch? It’s a question we asked ourselves after the first and then subsequent 14 viewings of the game’s smooth theatrical debut trailer. Earlier this week, we went to the source and got the answer. Turns out that Epoch is on-rails. Intuitive flicks and taps will guide the action as you obliterate the robot hordes in the game’s tortured future.

If you’re choler is rising at the moment, take a second and consider Infinity Blade [$5.99]. On-rails, for whatever reason, has become something of a dirty word, but Chair’s character action game proved that rails-based systems can provide the same amount of satisfaction that other, more open action games dish out. It’s all in the execution.

While we can’t speak to the overall quality of Epoch, we’re optimistic that Uppercut will knock this one out of the park. Industry veterans who have dealt with huge properties in the past founded the studio and created that trailer, which while noisy, proves that the studio has an eye for detail and a passion for good presentation and production.

To get more specific about how you’ll be guided in Epoch, action and movement occurs in what are called “arcs of cover.” You’ll be ushered between smaller arcs and setpieces, all the while tapping and flicking on enemies. We’re told that identifying whom to target first will be a big factor in the overall strategy. There are also special attacks, though at this point, we’re unsure what effect they’ll have beyond the surface.

Next week Uppercut Games hopes to be sharing a “How It Plays On iPad” video to give everyone a better sense of this. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for it, for sure and can’t wait to see the game later this year.