Today's Wednesday game release fiasco is a little later than most for two reasons- First off, we're really stoked to have finally gotten our hands on the iControlPad, and I wanted to give that story as much attention throughout the day as possible since it's an accessory that many (us included) have been following since its inception. Secondly, we got an adorable addition to the family today, who will serve as mascot and guard dog to the TouchArcade command center. So, this week this standard feature is less of a "coming tonight" and more of a "coming in like a half hour or already out" post. There's a ton of great games out tonight, too.

If you're new, here's how this works: iOS developers are able to set release dates for their apps in iTunes connect. The App Store is a global marketplace, and thanks to the magic of the International Date Line, things get released in New Zealand first, as their calendars roll over to that particular release date first. From there, things slowly filter out over Asia, and Europe, until finally being released in the USA at 11:00 PM Eastern.

Here's what's coming out tonight, or potentially already available in your region:

9mm, $6.99 - Forum Thread - This latest action game from Gameloft seems to be highly "inspired" by Max Payne. It's got a full single player campaign, online multiplayer, universal compatibility, and even graphics that have been optimized to take advantage of the additional horsepower of the iPad 2 (assuming you're playing it on an iPad 2). I'm totally impressed that Gameloft is going the universal route, and I really hope they keep it up.

Blobster, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - I got a look at this physics-powered platformer at E3, and I've been looking forward to playing through it since then. It uses a near fling-based input method where you go through levels by flinging your little blob around. Also, if the iTunes text is to be believed, more content is on the way through updates as well which is never a bad thing.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, $4.99 - Forum Thread - Play as Captain America and throw your shield around through 24 levels of mayhem. I'm always nervous about games like this because games based on movies released around the same time as the movie can be incredibly hit or miss. Regardless, it's universal, which is always nice to see.

CurveBot, $1.99 - Forum Thread - I'm not entirely sure what is going on in this game as the iTunes text doesn't really say, and the web site isn't much help either. It seems like you control a robot to cut away parts of the level in some kind of puzzle centric gameplay? Whatever, my interest is piqued, and according to the thread on our forums a gameplay trailer is coming soon.

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Utilizing single-touch controls similar to a cave flying game, you play as a bee, making a beeline for flowers, while avoiding wasps and other nasty animals that want to prevent you from your duty of mass pollination.

Hungry Chicks, 99¢ / HD - Forum Thread - This physics-centric sorting game puts you in charge of keeping filthy yellow birds out of the purple nests and vice versa. 36 levels in all are included spread across 3 game worlds, and believe it or not, there's even stars to earn.

Milk and Coffee, Free - Free - I have no clue what the catch is with this game being free, but it looks awesome. The idea here is putting on a play where your cats use a Rube Goldberg-esque contraption of sorts to reach each other. If you're wondering, this will be the first game Jared downloads tonight, I guarantee.

Quiz Climber, $1.99 / Free (with ads) - Forum Thread - There are a bazillion jumping games on the App Store, but what about jumping games that put your brain to the test instead of your reflexes? Quiz Climber has a remarkably accurate title, and as someone who can't get enough of trivia games (especially ones that are done well) I'm totally excited for this.

Reckless Getaway, $2.99 - Forum Thread - The developers of Reckless Racing took the core of that game and applied it to this totally awesome looking game of cops and robbers where you try your hardest to evade the police. Getting a high wanted level and escaping in Grand Theft Auto games were always my favorite parts, so a game that's all that sounds really rad.

Shake Spears!, 99¢ / Lite / HD / HD Lite - Forum Thread - I could see a jousting game potentially being really cool, but the description doesn't specifically mention how the game is played. The name makes me think it might depend on a shaking mechanic, which could be a little weird, but I'm anxious to try it out.

SuperRope, Free - Forum Thread - We got a look at this game back at WWDC, and it's finally here. If you like simple high scoring games that get fast and difficult, give this one a spin.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD, $6.99 - Forum Thread - We had a great time with the iPhone version of this game, and if you're an iPad owner that has been holding out for a dedicated HD release, today is your lucky day.

Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers $1.99 / HD - Forum Thread - Virtual Villagers is less of a series and more of a dynasty at this point. Similar to Fish Tycoon, you're in charge of a small ecosystem (an island, in this case) and you manage it the best you can. There's a reason there have been five games in this series, it's because they're really had to put down if you get into them.

Xtreme Wheels, $3.99 - Forum Thread - There have been a number of these kind of jumping games released throughout the life of the App Store, but this game's graphics look amazing judging by the trailer. Hopefully the gameplay follows suit.

Pocket RPG, $2.99 - Forum Thread - This was originally supposed to launch tonight, but a show-stopping bug caused the initial version to get pulled. Publisher Crescent Moon and developer Tasty Poison were all over the problem, though, and had an updated version uploaded within a matter of hours, thus still making the lineup of Thursday releases. If you've been looking for a dual-stick/action/dungeon crawler/RPG hybrid, Pocket RPG looks to be the real deal.

  • Zach Williams

    Wow really surprised Crescent Moon's "Pocket RPG" was left off of this list.

    • Anonymous

      The game was pulled and only just now got released again. I guess eli didnt notice it was available again. Anyways, here's the thread link with all the deets

      Its already out worldwide btw (along with everything else listed here)

    • Jared Nelson

      I didn't know what was up with it since they had to pull the first version for a bit, but looks like everything turned out alright so I've added it in there. Just for you, Zach.

      • Zach Williams

        Ah didn't know they were having problems. Guess they got lucky that everything was straightened out before launch. Thanks, Jared! Haha

    • Eli Hodapp

      When I originally composed this list today Pocket RPG was still in "pulled" status.

      • Zach Williams

        Gotcha. I was just surprised since I know TA usually likes what Crescent Moon pushes out. Didn't know they had issues with the release.

  • Carlos Pimentel

    Pocket RPG is an instant classic... I've been playing it on my ipad 2 for 40 minutes now and all I can say is wow! and it's just 2.99. Good job CM_Games and keep the updates coming!

  • Anonymous

    Sooo glad Pocket RPG showed up - I was about to jump ship with most of this week's releases, especially "9mm"... please.

  • Batmessiah

    Hey, could you actually mention it is iPod only in your posts?  I accidentally bought this game thinking it was available for the iPhone.  Well, there goes $2.99...

    • Batmessiah

      Specifically Pocket RPG.

    • LeeDot

       I'm assuming you meant to say iPad only, no?

    • Anonymous

      The developers have said that it's iPad-FIRST, not iPad-only. You'll be able to play it on a small screen in a little while.

  • Crish

    Damn, Crescent Moon must be kidding to make PocketRPG iPad only. I hope they´ll release an iPhone version, too. I don´t want to buy another overprized Apple device just to enjoy their games. 😉

    • Paus Akid

      There will be an iPhone version (not universal) that costs less than the iPad version (according to the dev in the forum thread).

  • BulkSlash

    That's good timing, I was looking for an HD version of Rainbow Six the other day! One of the few Gameloft titles that works quite well I think!.

  • Anonymous

    9mm looks like a really good game, but with Reckless Gateway, does anyone else also think that the graphics suck?

  • Rk

    Bought Reckless Getaway and Pocket RPG and can't say I like either of them much.

    Pocket RPG has shoddy graphics, but the worse part are the bad controls for special moves. I barely ever can pull off even the easiest move since the detection seems to be rather off. The idea is good, the execution isn't my thing. Maybe an update can fix that, the game seems to have potential for sure.

    Reckless Getaway is another good idea gone sour. Since the levels are static, the gameplay boils down to "memorize every aspect of this crazy long level, then replay it thousand times to get 4 stars, if ever". That's a bit too old school for my liking. Dynamic traffic would help greatly. Since the game isn't exactly easy in the first place, the seriously wonky physics don't improve things either.