Apple has been doing some maintenance on iTunes Connect, which is the glue behind the scenes that holds together the family of iTunes stores. As part of some planned downtime, they've also adjusted pricing in some international markets with currencies that have fluctuated. Some price points have done up, while others went down.

Here are the new low-end pricing tiers for regions that have changed, and the rest of the tiers fall in line accordingly with the new pricing:

UK: £0.59 → £0.69
Australia: AU$1.19 → AU$0.99
Japan: 115 → 85 Yen
Mexico: $10 → $12
Switzerland: 1.10Fr → 1.00Fr
Norway: 6.00Kr → 7.00Kr

It seems the only countries affected were those that were furthest out of line with current conversion rates. Congratulations, Australia, Japan, and Switzlerland, you'll be saving a little cash. Sadly, iTunes gift cards aren't going to stretch as far as they used to in the UK, Mexico, and Norway, but that's the way of the world I suppose.

[MacStories via MacRumors]

  • Hmar9333

    Thank freaking god. If only they'd fixed this 6 months ago, I'd have saved about $300

  • Hmar9333

    Thank freaking god. If only they'd fixed this 6 months ago, I'd have saved about $300

  • Lolwut

    GOLD !!!!

    Lucky me I postpone buying academy story by kairosoft

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure there will be lots of 1* reviews (badly spelled no doubt.) complaining about this. But 10p change isn't too bad. In fact, I'd say any of the prices that are still sub £2.00 the devs probably won't notice too much difference in sales from the UK. But damn, the old £3.99 price change to £4.99. Ouch. Biiiiig difference mentally between 'almost four quid' and 'a fiver'. That's two pints! The old £5.99 tier now being £6.99... Double Ouch, that's 'almost a tenner'.

    The app would have to be pretty damn spectacular for me to spend two whole pints worth of beer money on it. And it sure as hell better be universal!

    Silly question, but can devs not set different prices for the different world markets?

    I'm sure Apple will say the usual, it's more expensive doing business in the UK. But that's a little dubious for apps.

    • Anonymous

      £3.99 didn't worry me much before, but £4.99 is gonna make me stop and think about how much food I could be getting for the same amount, which movie I could buy or how just a little more would get me a game on PSN/Live, etc.

    • Stuart Carnie

      Got to love it that beer is used to as a base line for comparing costs…  I recall from my University days, my mate received a library fine and his instinctual response was “That's two slabs of beer!”

      • Anonymous

        My two great vices. Beer and games/apps. 🙂

        Well, three vices really, but there isn't the micro transaction industry set up around boobs like there is beer and apps so that doesn't count financially.

  • blink

    US.99c is worth AUS.91c

    • Tedward

      We have GST, so it's pretty much spot on.

  • eugekava

    Yay! thank god for strong Aussie dollar!  This morning I was trying to buy a game. When I saw $0.99 I thought something was wrong.

    • Lolwut


      but I'm not too quick to celebrate, because when I tried to purchase the $0.99 games, it still shows as $1.19 for some reason.

      I'll probably check again during lunch time

    • Zoet

      Yay! from me too. It's about time. Though I can understand  that those in countries where the price rose aren't so happy.

  • John Usher

    Damn this sucks for me in the uk. Less impulse buys I suppose.

  • Nevasleep

    The £3.99 to £4.99, and £1.19 to £1.49 are the worst, really just take away the impulse buy.
    Gameloft just lost one sale, for now at least...

  • Spleen

    Ouch, picked up Deathsmiles at ~6am Aus time today for 11.99, had I waited a couple more hours I could have had it for 9.49. Could be worse though, DDPR and Espgaluda II get more play time that any of the other games I keep on my devices so I'm sure it will be worth the extra 2.50 I paid.

    Also I guess I'm getting everything a little cheaper from now on =) really can't be complaining.

  • Grepochris

    We've done well in Japan with this one! 

  • Eli Hodapp

    If you're living in an area which got a price hike, look on the bright side: You've more or less gotten away with cheaper pricing compared to the value of the dollar for three years now!

  • Fredrik Jackson

    Damn Norwegian government.
    Does anyone know when the "modifying" will end? Can't download apps because they're "being modified at the moment".

  • Anonymous

    Now do the same for music and ebooks!

    • Anonymous

      This is one thing I cant understand actually, in the UK, 99c songs have been 79p from the beginning. if 99c = 69p why has the music been a different price all along?

      I guess it's the licensing agreement Apple made with the music industry that set that price, rather than based on the actual currency value worldwide.

  • Enrique C Enríquez M

    The price increase for Mexico is actually quite high. 20% extra for every game? That's plain horrible.

  • Haliaeetus

    Cave has responded to Japan's balancing by increasing the prices of all of their apps to compensate.

  • Rafa_Flavio

    Why Apple just coludn't do this 3 years ago? This is painful! 🙁 i'm a mad mexican ;(

  • Phil Baxter

    Apple screwing over UK customers, now there's a surprise.  Maybe Jobs has some fantasy vision of the UK where everyone is doing fine, quite different to the reality of a basket case utterly bankrupt economy, mass unemployment and crippling taxes.

  • Doc

    Australia has been waiting nearly 2 years for a semi-accurate conversion in the price of $AUD to $USD... question is when the $USD picks back up again will Apple wait 2 years to raise their prices again?

  • Egg

    King of fighters is 11.49 on the Aus appstore right now, the toucharcade review said 7.99 USD. Has the price gone up since then or are Australians just getting screwed???

  • Joe T

    If this is "more in line with current exchange rates" then I'm afraid that's BS... The GBP/USD rate as I write this is 1.61133 and therefore $1 = 61p, not 69p! The 59p rate was closer before the adjustment.

  • Anonymous

    Biggest complainers? As usual, it's the Aussies.

    • Tedward

      I'm sorry, but when your horrible country gets its economy back on it's feet you might be able to talk.

      • Anonymous

        See? I'm not even complaining about the economy. Now, if the Australian economy was down? We'd never hear the end of it.

  • Exchange rate

    To be blunt, the lower tier pricing doesnt bother me much but the higher price tiers .. Fek off apple! Will be spending less on quality for sure.

    The UK economy is in tatters then they do this lol Whilst it's out of the dev's hands, i feel sorry for those that take a hit with price hikes.

  • Anonymous

    10 Pesos was a nice rounded number. 12 pesos or more, is way more than what a dollar actually costs, and now apps cost more here than the US. It's already hard to get people to buy apps for their cellphones, now it will be worst when they find out they will be paying more than the US owners.