Good news if you’re a Konami fan: the Japanese publisher and creator has received the July 4th memo being passed around, and as a result, most of its titles on the App Store are now listed at a paltry $.99 instead of their standard prices.

For a limited time the over-the-shoulder shooter based in the Metal Gear universe, Metal Gear Solid Touch, as well as Silent Hill: The Escape, and Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night are up on the price-chopping block. These are easily the brightest of Konami’s various releases, but there’s some other goodies being offered, too, including the arcade brawler X-Men, which just came out a month or so ago.

Not a bad list at all. Even though it’s older, I highly suggest Metal Gear Solid Touch, if only because it's based on Metal Gear Solid 4's ludicrous story. You'll learn what "crazy" is after you give that thing a spin. X-Men is a good one, too.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    Alcatraz Breakout could still be a decent game if they fix the stupid PAY ONLY power-up system without anyway to earn them in-game. 

  • Giles Hamson

    Anybody in the Uk been able to buy x-men?

  • John Usher

    Nope obviously konami hate us here in the uk, no x-men and from what I see no sales either.

  • Guest

    Anybody with an iPad2 get X-Men to run?

  • Japonlindo

    X-Men isn't available in Japan either. Even though they can't sell it in some countries because of the copyright issue or maybe because of the global sales policy, it's a shame that Konami doesn't sell it in its home country.

  • Dib

    I don't think you're missing much.  X-Men wasn't such a great beat 'em up even in its own day.  It wasn't the worst around, but Captain America, The Simpsons, TMNT, and so many others did a better job.  

  • Pixelgit

    Not sure why it's not mentioned in the post, but the sale is US only, so. Yea.

  • Revolutionary Concepts

    Huge Konami fans! 
    That is all (wink wink).