Since NimbleBit's Tiny Tower [Free] launched last week, it has become their most successful game yet. As of this writing, the game has been downloaded 1,230,688 times and is seeing a surprisingly high 2.6% in-app purchase conversion rate which is nearly double that of their previous title, Pocket Frogs [Free]. Over 18 million sessions have been played with an average length of 9.3 minutes. In all, players have played just under 320 years of Tiny Tower.

Even though Tiny Tower has exceeded NimbleBit's expectations, not everything went as planned with its launch. Namely, an irritating crash bug that didn't appear in testing. This has since been fixed in an update that launched today, so if you've had crashing issues in Tiny Tower, download this update ASAP. Another update is also in the works that will apply some tweaks and address some other minor issues affecting a small number of players. Following that, it'll be full steam ahead on content updates to add things like additional floors, bitbook entries, and more.

  • endekks

    I hope they make ti such that when a VIP appears and you read what boost they offer that it doesn't force you to send them to their destination floor immediately. I'd love the option with the construction VIP to set up a new construction project so that VIP isn't wasted, or if it is a standard VIP to check out the floors he/she can visit to see where the greatest benefit would be.

    Being forced to take action without being able to jump back out of their description bubble (without losing the VIP entirely) is a huge drawback for me, and has cost me much desired construction reduction times / potential big sales boosts from the floors which could have net me a gigantic profit.

    • Anonymous

      100% agree -- it happened to me 3 times last night which triggered the same thought.  Or even make it retroactive --so that it will remember the VIP visit and redeem the offer once your stock is back for sale

    • jason

      I partially agree with this, but what you could do is *look* at the vip, and figure out what they're for (construction, delivery, 2 types of buyers), and then go set up whatever you want. They're pretty distinct - except for the buyers...

      • Fulliautomatox

        yeah the vips can be figured out by looking at em when they appear, as distinctly as a "bubble"

    • Nate

      There are only four kinds of VIPs, and they are extremely easy to tell apart.  Sure, it's annoying the first couple of times you hit the button before checking the type, but the easiest solution is for you to just pay more attention, not for the devs to actually modify the game.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Yeah, I think the mistake you're making is trying to power game Tiny Towers. The VIPs are just fun random boosts. You can't always utilize them to their fullest.

        But yeah, if you want to power game it, just pay more attention.

      • LuraGames

        I have some info about VIPs on one of my blog posts.

    • Nate

      There are only four kinds of VIPs, and they are extremely easy to tell apart.  Sure, it's annoying the first couple of times you hit the button before checking the type, but the easiest solution is for you to just pay more attention, not for the devs to actually modify the game.

    • endekks

      I get what you're saying, but that isn't very intuitive. You would essentially need to waste multiple VIPs before knowing how to use them properly. When the *rest* of the game is as intuitive and "spelled out" for you, the fact that this potentially extremely beneficial aspect is not makes it stand out that much more.

  • Mike

    This game is awesome. That's all.

  • Noman

    Love this game, so don't take this as a hate comment, but does a minor bug fix update really justify a front-page post?

    • Anonymous

      The post is about the number of downloads, and conversion rate, not the bug fixes - notice how the post is written and what comes before what

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, then look at the title which comes first.

    • Eli Hodapp

      The game has been downloaded 1.2 million times in less than a week. The main complaint people have is it crashing. That has been fixed. So... Yes, that justifies a front page post.

  • GiHubb

    really don't understand the reviews and what people are finding in
    this game. Where is the challenge? How can you fail? All you do is carry
    people up on an elevator (thrilling!) or press the restock button
    (engrossing!) before shutting down the app so you don't have to keep on
    playing a bell boy or a mini version of Where's Waldo (exciting!). Now
    close the app, wait 20 minutes, repeat. So no, this game isn't thrilling, engrossing or
    exciting. It involves nothing more than a few occasional presses on the
    screen that require no thinking, no strategy, no depth what so ever.

    I'm very disappointed to see so many positive reviews for this game,
    helping it being promoted. If this keeps up, all we'll see are freemium
    games that require no thought by the player at all. It has nice graphics
    and the facebook section is kind of funny but a game this isn't.

    • Happy W

      "A game this isn't."

      Exactly. Your confusion and disappointment stems from the belief that Tiny Towers is supposed to be a game and should be judged as such. But you know the truth already: it's not a game.

      Think of it as a toy, a kind of virtual ant farm, or a digital bonsai tree, and you might begin to understand why so many people have found the app to be so charming.

    • Dood

      I haven't played a game on my iPhone in a long while. But this game is fun. Just want to see my little guys get their dream jobs hehe.

    • Anonymous

      I found a mildly entertaining distraction which I can check every 20 minutes or so. Not suitable if I want serious gaming, but fun if I'm in the middle of writing essays and need a quick distraction, stuck waiting for a minute or two in a line, that sort of thing.

      Sometimes you want a serious game which requires your full attention, and sometimes you just want a virtual ant farm (as Happy W put it) to poke at for a minute or two before going back to what you were doing.

  • Nardo, from the Fifth Galaxy

    Also remember the focus for this game(well for the developer) is the hopes that you spend actual CASH for IN-GAME tower bux. If you want to build in a hurry. And even though it is totally possible to play this game for quite a while without spending any cash for the in-app purchases, I think it will eventually become boring and people will move onto the next, because of the pace of the game. IMO.


  • Jan Ekholm

    For me the game crashes every single time if I choose "Dress Up" for a bitizen. Apart from that, it's a fun game well worth some hours. But once you have, say, seven or more floors you have seen the entire game and there's nothing new to be found anymore.

  • Freefall Ninetails

    I'm donating how much i think the game is worth by purchasing bux for that amount to say thanks to the developers - I hope more people do the same.

  • gamer gamer

    Am I the only one for whom the game still persistently crashes on startup?

    • Pol

      @gamergame:disqus I've a iPod Touch 1G and can't get this game to launch either ;-(

    • misterbleepy

      not just you - it also crashes on startup on my iPhone 3G (running the latest/last iOS 3 version for the iPhone 3G) - very frustrating 🙁

  • Person

    mine crashes too on start-up. i thought there was an update for it and im really mad cause' everyones arguing over it(some bad) and i dont even get to try it  @_@

  • Jas

    Neither version *ever* crashed for me.  Running on iPhone 3GS and also tried iPad (but hated the graphics on iPad).

    One needed update: Game needs to notify you when a fully stocked store runs out of an item.

  • Bobby

    This game still crashes every time on startup on my iphone 3G even with the new "fix" update

  • emrickenoch

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  • Stanislav Krasnoyarov

    Crashes on my 3G on startup as well

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