‘Tiny Tower’ Update Fixes Crashes

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Since NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower [Free] launched last week, it has become their most successful game yet. As of this writing, the game has been downloaded 1,230,688 times and is seeing a surprisingly high 2.6% in-app purchase conversion rate which is nearly double that of their previous title, Pocket Frogs [Free]. Over 18 million sessions have been played with an average length of 9.3 minutes. In all, players have played just under 320 years of Tiny Tower.

Even though Tiny Tower has exceeded NimbleBit’s expectations, not everything went as planned with its launch. Namely, an irritating crash bug that didn’t appear in testing. This has since been fixed in an update that launched today, so if you’ve had crashing issues in Tiny Tower, download this update ASAP. Another update is also in the works that will apply some tweaks and address some other minor issues affecting a small number of players. Following that, it’ll be full steam ahead on content updates to add things like additional floors, bitbook entries, and more.

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