Mighty Fin [$0.99] is a pretty cool one-button game. When I reviewed it earlier this month, I was struck by the stylish art and the intuitive controls. And the hats. I really love the hats. But half the game's content was taken up with Endless Mode levels that were kind of a bummer. Since the difficulty never ramped up, they were exercises in attrition.

So when the 1.1.1 update hit yesterday, I was thrilled to see a shiny new mode included: Survival. It's basically Endless Mode, but Fin gets faster and faster as he goes. Each of the game's eight areas has a Survival level to compete on, with Game Center leaderboards tracking your success. Hard to complain about that, when other games build their entire schtick out of a single level of endless running.

And here's the kicker: you're still ranked for your performance on the Survival levels, and when you earn a gold ranking, you get a new hat. It looks like gold rankings are going to be very hard to get on some of the later levels, too. Eight new hats and eight new leaderboards to compete on - that's what I call a good update.