Ice T once said, “I’m on the front line, and I am a rapper.” He’s also said, “I have to grow my audience.” The latter is something most game publishers can get on board with, while the former is... well, an Ice T quote. Regardless, we see the attempts to draw more people in every single day. Why, actually, Capcom is in the thick of fleshing out its audience right now with a new sale that sees four of its most high profile titles reduced to 99 cents.

Here’s the list:

  • Street Fighter IV [$.99]
  • Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. [$.99]
  • Dead Rising Mobile [$.99]
  • Devil May Cry 4 Refrain [$.99]

We’re not sure, exactly, when the sale will end or if other titles will join the mix at a later date, but it’s probably best to just be safe and gobble up these titles ASAP if you’re in the mood for any of them. Personally, I think SFIV is the best of the bunch.

  • Ken Sinn

    The SF4 sale is due to the announcement of the upcoming Super SF4 Volt for the iOS, releasing in July.

  • Anonymous

    SF4 is really good for having touch controls. I was surprised how well it played, and for $1 it's a steal.

    DMC refrain is pretty bad in my opinion and I wouldn't recommend it to even the most hardcore DMC fans.

    Not sure about the other 2, although I havent heard anything good about dead rising mobile (terrible graphics/gameplay etc).

    • MartiNZ

      I guess then you suggest people ... refrain from getting it? 🙂

  • AmpliHelix

    Just pick up Street Fighter if you haven't already. No need to explain the other 3 except: They're. Just. BAD.

  • Babylandlord

    What do you guys think of Resident Evil Mercenaries? I haven't really heard anything good about it but for a buck, I am tempted!

  • Aer2

    not really into any of those games, or the fact that they're iphone only.

  • Street Fighter For iOS

    sf4 is an awesome game.

  • Twenty90seven

    Ice T also said: "If you think of what L.A. is and you think what a rapper is, a rapper is a slick talker. Not only does he talk slick, he talks slick in rhyme. We get paid to talk slick. If I'm one of the biggest slick talkers in L.A., and L.A. is the fastest city in the United States, and the United States is the fastest country in the world, you're probably hanging out with one of the fastest, slickest-talking muthafuckas on earth. So the average girl is really in trouble. Be afraid.. I always tell girls I meet when they talk to me they got to be real careful because I'm really good at this shit."

    • T

      Word to your mother.


      twenty90seven is a an uneducated nig