Puzzle Agent [$.99 / HD] is still one of my favorite puzzle games available on the App Store, and it looks like its sequel, Puzzle Agent 2, is shaping up to be a faithful continuation of the fledgling “Pilot” program series.

No doubt you’ve noted my usage of “looks.” It’s a word I’ll have to continue to use until I see the game for myself. The good news is that the wait won’t be long -- at E3, Telltale Games is revealing that it’ll be out for the iPad, iPod Touch, and the iPhone this June 30, 2011. That’s, like, real soon.

A new trailer has also been released and it does an awesome job of showing you where the series is going. Or, at least, where the series is returning. In Puzzle Agent 2, you’ll once again take control of Nelson Tethers as he re-investigates Scoggins, the setting of the first puzzle-oriented game.

If you watch this trailer fairly closely, you’ll also get a good look at some of the new puzzles which, I’m almost convinced already will take me about three years to figure out without the use of an FAQ. Talk about a brain-draining series.

  • ultimo

    One of THE BEST sound acting series on iOS

  • http://www.devilsgarage.com Ajay Karat

    I'm super glad they are releasing the next versions. The first installment left me pondering about Nelson's initial nightmare.