The last time I discussed the Back to the Future series, I noted that I’ve hit a creative wall of sorts in terms of coverage. The initial two episodes hit all the same notes that the third episode does, so it’s hard to find something meaningful and fun to share. Of course, I’m also couching this in the opinion that every episode is well produced and their respective new, or even reproduced, mechanics are sharp and solid.

If you missed out on the first episode [Free] though, now is the time to grab it. It’s free on the App Store until June 31, 2011. You have the entire month to push “download” and grab what is, easily, one of the coolest modern adventure games out there.

If the fact that it’s free isn’t enough to convince you to give it a download, go ahead and check out our review for it. Overall, it’s an ambitious beginning to a serial that treats its source material with the proper reverence. It might lean on a more casual-level of skill, but it’s still fun to play.

In other Back to the Future news, Episode 4 [$6.99] is now out on the App Store. We will, of course, continue our coverage of the series so look forward to our impressions down the road. Now, push “download” already. Jeesh.

UPDATE: For whatever reason, the first episode of Back to the Future is now back at $6.99. The press releases all mention that the game will be free until July 31st, so they might have potentially jumped the gun on setting it free. Either way, we're trying to get to the bottom of things.

UPDATE 2: Aaaaand it's free again.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I sure hope it comes back!

  • Anonymous

    Really don't like the pricing scheme for these. $7 isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but you can get all of the episodes for something like $24 on PC/Mac. I enjoy the iPad experience much more, but I am waiting to buy episodes 2-4 until the price drops - if it does.

    I'm tempted to just get the PC/Mac version, but again I'd rather wait and see if the iPad prices go down to match the price on Steam.

    See what you did here Telltale? I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way... I want to give you money for these, I really do. Just not $42 when it's half that on Steam.

    • Stevenmilligan

      Where are you getting the $42 figure from? If there are 4 episodes at $7 each, that equals $28. 

      • Anonymous

        I thought there were a total of 6 episodes, but it's actually 5. Still, $7x5 = $35.

  • Roderick


    • Qwiboo


  • Hisham Al-Beik

    It's free again!

  • Anonymous

    This game isn't even worth playing on a console/PC/Mac, it's just terrible. I'm a big BTTF fan but nothing in this game does it justice... the graphics are bad, the storyline is slow and boring, and even Christopher Lloyd's voice acting is lame. He sounds nothing like Doc and generally comes across as though he really couldn't be bothered at all.

  • Baldybonce

    When you look at ep1 on the store in a list of apps, it shows up as charged, but if you go into it to see more information it's free 😀

  • G-MaN

    Website says 6.99, itunes says free.

  • nickmorgs

    Not currently free in UK  :o(

  • GeofB

    Well at least they have actually bothered to release more than one episode, unlike the other games they released on ipad.  Until they finally release an entire series, I wont be bothering with any products released by this outfit, especially not at the prices they are charging. 
    Also nice to see they are discriminating against their potential customers in the UK where Ep. 1 isnt free...

  • Blah

    I am in AU and the price status is not consistent. If I do a search for "Back to the Future", the result page says it is not free. If I then go and click "See all >" it says free. If I click on Ep.1 it says not free. 

    If I follow the toucharcade link, the iTunes website says not free. But when it loads in iTunes, it's free.

    I think you just have to wait a little bit until the changes the developers made propagate to all the iTunes servers.

  • Anonymous

    Already got it (and paid for it!) but may wait until 31 Jun and get it again 😉

  • Anonymous

    Ha, 31 July, that's better 😉

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