Ok, I know what you’re thinking, and yes the zombie thing has been really played out already. But the fact remains that the walking dead make perfect cannon fodder for shooters. And in the case of the upcoming Call of Mini: Zombies from Triniti Games, the theme is pulled off with just enough style that I might actually be able to tolerate yet another zombie game.

Call of Mini is a 3rd-person dual-stick shooter. I think our forum members said it best, noting that the gameplay looked like Battle Bears -1 [99¢/Lite] mixed with Minigore [Free/HD] with a little bit of the upcoming game Deadlock peppered in by way of upgradeable weapons and gear. Take a look at the trailer to judge for yourself:

According to the developer, there will be 13 different weapons in Call of Mini, 8 playable character types each with their own distinct traits, and 12 types of zombie breeds to blast away at. It will also contain full Game Center support with leaderboards and achievements as well as Retina Display and universal iPad support.

No other details are known regarding single player modes or the inclusion of multiplayer, but Call of Mini is set to release sometime this month so we won’t have to wait too long to find out more. Based on the trailer it looks like it could be pretty cool, and players in our forums seem to agree. We’ll keep an eye out for Call of Mini: Zombies and take a closer look once it hits the App Store later this month.

  • http://rekzkarz.com REkzkaRZ

    Looks like a 3D dud.  YAWN...
    I appreciate that it got you excited.  Not me.

    • Anonymous

      Oh look a comment to spam your site.  gtfo

  • E_Domina

    this looks pretty good. ill definitely get it

  • Hitch

    It really needs some new way to aim... Aiming looked painful in the trailer. Otherwise, it looked fantastic.

    • TigerXtreme69

      Painful is the perfect descriptor for how that looked. That's the absolute most important thing in a FPS (or 3PS for that matter - did I just make that up?)

  • TimeLord

     The aiming did look painful.  Up, Down, Up, Down Boom...(13-17sec in video)  Maybe a touch to aim or an auto aim and include more zombies or something.  I like the art style and the minigore character look.  I also like the fact you can upgrade weapons and stats.  I'll wait for the release and review.


      you should get it

  • Cheese3699

     this game looks sick


      do you have it yet

  • Jonny-dv

    it's already june and the game didn't release yet 🙁

  • Idwtv

    I'm downloading it right now, hope it a good game will post later...

    • Idwtv

      first impression 'the game kick's ass' been playing for 20 min. good controls, to bad there is a banner on the title screen for other games and the music is a bit boring. 4/5 my score. If you love killing zombie'S get it.


    the game is sick


    i have the game


    the only way you can get to day 2 is to get the full version


    am i the only 1 that has that game


    its so annoying because i only hav 27 sents and i cant  get the full version. i reely wont to get the full version. but i can get to day 2 i just dont hav enough mony.