Have you stopped by the Facebook statistics page lately? It's crazy how many people are not only on Facebook, but just how much time that collective user base spends. If you're among the over 500 million people who collectively spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the site, consider mashing the "Like" button on our Facebook page. Currently we've got developers who post gameplay videos, and we're starting to pipe our content through Facebook so you'll see a blurb in your timeline whenever we update the site. In the future, I hope to utilize our Facebook page to do even more cool and exciting stuff, so here is your chance to be in on the ground floor of all that.

Alternatively, we tweet like crazy whenever we post new stories, so if you prefer Twitter to Facebook, there's that as well. This concludes our not-so-regularly-scheduled social media TouchArcade public service announcement!

Here's those links again:

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    • Blackharon


  • Tim

    Hmm, is it ok if we just visit your website (toucharcade) instead of also having to go to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc etc. Thanks.

  • backtothis

     Never never TA had one. Just gave the group its 450th Like xP.

  • http://www.facebook.com/PixelShock Stephen Harrell

    Hey guys, take it from a web developer.....you need a like button up top. Or somewhere EASY to find. At least a link straight to your FB page.  Yes, you can get a lot of traffic to THIS site from the facebook page, but right now it's not easy to find at all.  And you're going to get way more interaction focusing on FB than you will Twitter.  I'm designing the official Peyton Hillis website behind this browser window right now, and I've got that "like" button up top built INTO the header/logo.  It's that important.  Everybody checks their wall multiple times a day.  You keep updating your FB page with reviews and new articles....well, the traffic just funnels in.

  • Paul

    I promise I'll mash it a thousand times if you give Great Little War Game a review... 🙂

  • No


  • NO

     How about I mash a dislike button?  Shameless promotion.  

  • no.

    IT'S CLICK THE BUTTON NOT MASH THE BUTTON. Where the hell did this "mashing" crap come from anyway?