If you didn't quite get your fill of wandering around in an empty game world powered by the Unreal Engine in Epic Citadel [Free], you're in luck. Codenrama just released Castlerama [Free], a remarkably similar tech demo that allows you to walk around and similarly look at just what the Unreal Engine is capable of on iOS devices.

Per the YouTube description of the above video, it seems like the developers are running into similar issues as the Dream:Scape developer last month with the memory limitations of older devices:

While developing Castlerama, we had to face the fact that newer devices such as iPhone4s and iPad2s are very different from their predecessors, iPhone3GSs and iPads, in that the former have twice as much memory. In order to have the app run on all devices, we had to compromise quite a bit, pushing the old devices to their limits (risking crash if other applications are left running) while keeping the new devices well behind their capabilities. In the future we believe we will have to develop two versions for each application.

Castlerama looks awesome, and if what they've released is a "compromise" to work with older devices, I seriously can't wait to see what the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 exclusive build is capable of. If you've got some spare time today and want to see another demonstration of the Unreal Engine, give Castlerama a try.

I'm still waiting for some major Unreal Engine-powered game releases, but I suppose tech demos are a good first start.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this actually looks BETTER than Epic Citadel if you ask me. Or maybe it could be that there is just a lot more variety in the environments that you get to explore. As for actual game development, I'm REALLY hoping that we'll finally start seeing some truly "EPIC" games sometime this summer. I guess we'll just have to wait and see though.

    • BruteOutlawz

      Its nowhere near epic citadel quality, also performance is not great.
      Theres a reason why hes turning so slow in the vid above

  • bigrand1

    Wow! As I was watching the video, I found my mouth wide open and it felt like my eyes were bugging out! And this is a compromise so older devices can run it?! I can't wait to see how something like this looks when it's made for the newer operating systems only! I actually think this looks a lot better than Epic Citadel as well! Wow-o-wow-o-wow! Incredible! 

  • Anonymous

    What game are they working on? Epic Citadel was a tech demo to highlight just how amazing Infinity Blade was gonna be. Whats this for?

    Tech Demos are all well and good but, I get it, Unreal engine on iOS is capable of some great things, but the older devices do suck in comparison. Now show me some games. Codenrama havent released anything else to the store, seems to me like this is just schilling for work. 'Look at us! we're amazing! now employ us to do something clever for you.'

    Good luck to them, not sure why that warrants this post though.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

       What would you prefer we post about on a Sunday morning? A neat little tech demo that's also free seems newsworthy, no?

      • Deadclown

        I don't think he was pooh-poohing the posting, but the existence of the app itself.

        Then again, I can't imagine who would object to front paging a sweet little tech demo.

      • Anonymous

        Breakfast! On a sunday morning I'm a waffles and Metalstorm kinda fellow, with a side of Starfront 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/NOVAinc Lucas

      Inside the demo there is a little sign that says "thank you for trying our work. this setting is our first brainchild. it ought to the quality we aim to achieve. there's more where that came from. we are working hard to bring you...


      check it out online:

      I went there but found nothing... there is, however, at least a little clue that there's a game coming out of this company

      • http://twitter.com/Sanuku Sanuku

         You should take a look at their Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/CODENRAMA and search through their uploaded Videos. Those Boys seem to really do a lot of Stuff and this might be really Promising if the join the iDevice Train...

  • gee

    damn it, just release a damn game with this engine already >:0

  • EastsideStompers

    I'm so looking forward to the day we can play a fully fleshed out first person game that looks this good and that ISN'T on-rails. Please make it so Codenrama: )

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, like I said above, I'm figuring that there is definitely going to be one this year sometime. It's just a waiting game to see who does it first unfortunately.

  • The_truth

    Didn't we already have one of those? What's the point?

  • nick

    releases wont happen till they have enough content and they stop blizzing (working and pushin back until its "perfect", like blizzard)

  • Decoy Octopus

    Developers should just focus on iphone 4 and ipad 2 devices since older devices require so much compromise. It's really stifling innovation.

  • Wisedude

    I found it very dark hard to see anything, and motion overall jerky it also failed to load the first time I tried, if anything this demo shows the current devices are at their limit time to bring on the next batch.

  • Lyszka

    Is there already any annoucement about iPad2s ??

  • kel

    I dont know why but i cant play infinity blade on my ipod touch4. It crushes so often for games that are huge. I close all apps but still couldnt solve it.

    Anyone knows? I just bought this i pod touch 4!!!!

  • Vb

    Photo-realistic graphics? Better graphics than Epic Citadel? Seriously? No.
    I tried it and first thought my brightness settings were wrong, but brightness was at max.
    The graphics I was able to see were mediocre at best.

  • Anonymous

    Well, after actually playing through the demo, I I'm going to have to retract my earlier comment about this looking better than Epic Citadel. I does show promise, however, I should not be seeing such horrible performance on my iPhone 4. Looking around is not very fluid, and getting around is next to impossible due to everything being so rediculously dark. I understand if the devs were trying to establish a specific mood with the lighting (or lack there of), but the way it currently is made it VERY difficult to enjoy, or explore the world they created. And, frankly, unless I missed a secret door or something, I really didn't see a whole lot TO explore. Either way, I'm choosing to remain positive that Codenrama will make good on a finished game here in the near future that will be well worth the wait. 🙂

    Now, if we could just get the devs away from the swords and sorcery and on to the Fall Out type worlds (with Unreal's engine) I'd REALLY be smitten!

  • Furtin

    I dont get it. Must be really hard to develop on the UE. How come that after a half year of presenting the UE to the masses, there is nothing in sight, that comes even close to Epic's citadel, let alone Infinity Blade.

    Now Epic(ChAIR) has bragged that they only worked some weeks on their game. What is it, that other developers need to work with bland, lowres textures and the framerate drops to stoneage? I think Epic must give more support for their UDK and not only selling, but teaching would help in many cases ...

    • Anonymous

      You bring up an interesting point. I had forgotten that EPIC had bragged about how quick they were able to churn out the Epic Citadel demo, but now, months later, there is STILL a complete lack of games using this engine. What gives?!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Will-Buckingham/518019273 Will Buckingham

      EPIC is notorious for releasing game engines in the past to third-party developers that were half baked and unsupported, while in the background tweaking the hell out of it on their own games to make everything else using the Unreal Engine look pitiful in comparison.  It's why many developers just make their own engines from scratch each time, despite the Gears of War engine being available to license.

  • IndieElitist

     Doesn't really look like "they" are game makers, at all.  The Youtube channel shows a bunch of renders.  I suspect it's an artist and not a very optimized one, at that.  That's why that stuff is slow, runs out of memory and doesn't look as good as Epic Citadel.

    • Veryshortlife

      castlerama channel's is not them, the company is codenrama(codenrama.com)dealing with realistic renderings and are new to gaming...we'll see.