Last week we posted the video for the upcoming platformer 1-bit Ninja from developer Kode80. Taking huge inspiration from Super Mario Land on the Game Boy, at first glance 1-bit Ninja looks like a simple platformer with monochrome colors and blocky pixel graphics. It is all those things, incidentally, but it also contains an interesting twist.

At any time during play you can shift the entire level perspective, revealing that it’s actually modeled completely in 3D. This opens up some interesting new mechanics as hidden passageways and items are only revealed once you look at the level from a different angle.

Kode80 has just released a new gameplay video for 1-bit Ninja that shows an uninterrupted run through the first level in the game:

Since 1-bit Ninja only has 2 control inputs - a button for running and one for jumping - there is a big emphasis on striving for that “perfect run” through a level, since you cannot freely move back and forth to collect missed coins or kill enemies. Though the mechanics aren’t entirely the same, 1-bit Ninja sounds like it will have the same type of replay appeal of a current platforming obsession of mine, Mos Speedrun [99¢].

For that reason, I’m really excited to check out 1-bit Ninja, and it’s slated to hit sometime before the end of this month. Until then you can check out the discussion thread in our forums for more information.

  • Pancakeblaster

    If they add new elements to the gameplay instead of being a straight up rip-off (it looks that way right now), this game could be interesting.

  • Jiří Fiala

     So, a total ripoff of Super Paper Mario (it had the exact same 2D to 3D switching thing), sans the fun that comes out of 3D.

  • Jiří Fiala

     So, a total ripoff of Super Paper Mario (it had the exact same 2D to 3D switching thing), sans the fun that comes out of 3D.

  • Lazee

     Not really that compelling to play.

  • Caanerud

    Whine whine whine. Why don't you losers get off your high horses and make a completely original, unique, amazing game for us to play? 

    • crudge32

       Oh it's that all-opinions-are-invalid-because-we-cant-create defense?

      • Anonymous

        No, it's the all-opinions-are-invalid-because-you-don't-seem-to-know-that-the-game-industry-wouldn't-be-where-it-is-now-if-ideas-and-mechanics-weren't-borrowed-and-experimented-with defense. So the dev has borrowed one aspect of gameplay from another game, that's freakin' nothing. How many match 3 games are there on the App Store? How many dual-stick shooters?

      • Pancakeblaster

        I would be totally into this game if they took the "experiment" part of your little phrase there. I love the look and style of the game I just wish they added something new.

        That is also just my view of the game as it stands now. They can do what ever they want. I am sure there is a market for a straight up rip-off of the gameboy Mario games.

        And as far as the other comment about us "losers" making our own games...No thanks, I will stay a loser and buy games from the people that make them. I will throw suggestions out there though. I am a player, not a maker.

      • Caanerud

         No, it's that your opinion doesn't matter because you're an idiot.

  • Christian Vogel

    I think this looks wonderful. I for one really applaud the no-think, reflex-friendly controls. That is where the innovation lies in this title. I do miss a few ways like springs, teleporters and such to jump slightly back into a level. That would help the exploration. @developer: how about a rewind function? 🙂

  • KaL MichaeL

     I can not wait for this game!

  • Dustin Garrett

    I can't wait for this game. For all the people saying they are copying what? If nintendo brought mario to the iphone that would be different but i don't think they ever will. (they would make a lot of money if they did)

  • MERM

     this looks amazing! i dont care if it looks anything like mario, but the retro look, the 3d perspective, this is definately going on my top needs list!