There have been some seriously nice freebies as of late, and now we have one more to tell you about. Developer Tooko’s MotoTrialz [Free] has just gone free for the next several days. MotoTrialz is a side-scrolling motorcycle stunt game that’s pretty similar to RedLynx’s Trials HD. In fact, MotoTrialz originally launched last October as iTrials, but RedLynx felt it was a little too similar to their popular franchise and didn’t want gamers being confused thinking that iTrials was an official iOS version of Trials HD created by them.

The result was that Tooko had to pull iTrials down for a couple of months and make some changes to differentiate it from Trials HD. This turned out to be a good thing though, as iTrials rematerialized back in March as MotoTrialz with the same fun gameplay and additional enhancements.

The 27 levels in the game remained the same layout-wise, but the previous indoor warehouse environment was replaced with an outdoor nighttime stadium. The graphics also received anti-aliasing treatment which made them look much nicer and less jagged than before. Finally, OpenFeint replaced Agon as the online social network for MotoTrialz.

Out of the many side-scrolling motorcycle games on the App Store (and there are a lot), MotoTrialz is easily my favorite of the bunch. Having to take the game down and make changes to it has thrown a wrinkle into Tooko’s original update roadmap, but they still have additional levels and features planned for the game in the future. Players in our forums have really enjoyed this one since its original release, so make sure and pick up MotoTrialz during this free promotion.

  • Philipp Lenssen

     Loved this game, even when it was paid 🙂

  • SicMX

     This game is amazing!

    It still needs a retina update and more control options. Controls like those in Mad Skills MX would make it close to perfect

  • TheTheory

    I know I'm a bit late to the comment party, but this game is great. I would be satisfied paying the full .99c for it.