Remember back when Freeverse used to make traditional games instead of freemium titles? The ngmoco acquisition and the shift to free to play almost seems like ancient history with how fast the App Store moves, but Warpgate [Free / HD] was one of the final gamer games released by the studio. How long ago did Warpgate come out? Well, our review is centralized around it being an original iPad launch title. See, I told you, ancient.

Warpgate is a space trading game, and a damn fine one at that. There's tons of content to delve through, and the dynamic in-game economy is something that can basically keep you busy for eternity if you get immersed in it. In addition, there are 35 star systems to explore, 172 different ships, and over 100 main quests. It's also had graphical updates since the initial release to add antialiasing, making Warpgate look even better than before.

Be sure to snag Warpgate and/or Warpgate HD while it's free. It's not for everyone, but if it gets your hooks in you, you can dump hours into the game without even realizing it.

  • Mat

    Great looking game, I love anything sci-fi so I think I will add this one to may collection

  • Hampus

    Nice. Getting the HD version for free then :p

    Bought the original back when it came out, sad to see it hasnt gotten many updates, great game but just as most other iOS space shooters there is a few things wrong that they just wont fix (guessing that will be the case here)

  • Feyo

    Galaxy of Fire and Warpgate are essential on every iDevice

  • Test Test

    Lovely game, it's too easy though