By this point, we’re all pretty familiar with Gameloft’s process. They take a popular franchise from the PC or console gaming space and come up with their own strikingly similar version for iOS. Some people take offense to how liberally Gameloft borrows ideas, but for the most part their games are competent facsimiles of the originals that we would otherwise not be able to play on our iOS devices.

With their newest game, though, Gameloft has actually taken inspiration from an incredibly popular franchise that’s already on the App Store. Green Farm [Free] is the Gameloft version of Zynga's Farmville [Free], the freemium farming sim that took over the Facebook world and has since been ported to various other platforms, including iOS.

At any rate, Gameloft’s Green Farm seems to be a decent rendition of the Farmville formula. Your farm is saved server-side and you can choose to work on it on either your device or on the Facebook client that has been available for some time. In fact, Green Farm requires a Facebook account and an internet connection in order to play. The game is free to download, and there is an assortment of IAP currency packs should you wish to drop real dough in favor of speeding up the timer-based farming processes.

I’m not really a big fan of the farming sims, or most freemium sim games for that matter, but if that’s something that interests you then there’s no reason not to at least check out Green Farm as an alternative to the official Farmville game.

  • Phil Baxter

    Gameloft defenders will often excuse Gameloft's IP theft as them simply filling a gap in the app store that the big players refuse to fill themselves. As there's already an official port of Farmville, this leaves Gameloft's latest piece of piracy in interesting waters, and Zynga aren't short of money for lawyers.

    • Scott Colbert

      You really need to look up what constitutes IP theft before you go brandishing it; it only makes you look even more foolish.

  • spidey

    Now this I can not understand. Obviously, Gameloft stands to make money from other clones since the originals aren't there on the app store. But why would anyone who is interesting in farming sims move from Farmville to this? Waste of development effort surely.

    • Anonymous

      FarmVille isn't particularly good anyway, it shouldn't be too hard to get a better product out there so perhaps that's their aim.

    • Anonymous

      FarmVille isn't particularly good anyway, it shouldn't be too hard to get a better product out there so perhaps that's their aim.

  • antony46

    Cuz its a money making franchise why wouldnt they jump on the bandwagon dude!! Its america steal somethin

    • spidey

      That's my point! How exactly do they expect to make money? I would assume anyone who wants to play a farming sim will play Farmville. It's available on iOS anyways.

      • haiykuw

        People like variety. Same reason fps fans play Halo, CoD, Battlefield: Bad Company, MoH, Brink, etc.

      • Tyler

        Are you really questioning Gamelofts ability to make money? Every single one of their games is a rip off and they are swimming in money... This will be no different..

      • Anonymous

        Well, let's be honest here, despite its social features, Farmville is really a pretty poor excuse for an "game". I haven't tried Green Farm, but I don't imagine it would be much work to outdo Zynga on the actual gameplay experience.

        Making as much money as Farmville may prove harder, but don't count on it. Gameloft has millions of existing customers to draw from.

  • syaman

    Installed, ran it once and deleted. Requirement to use Facebook account is a no-no for me alas

    • Anonymous

      You're not cool for being the only person in the world without Facebook!

      • DARKflame34

        Maybe, much like me, he hates having to post alerts to Facebook for everyone to see.

      • Anonymous

        Oh neither do I, and I can't stand Facebook games either, but posting to your wall/spamming friends is optional in practically all iOS games.

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