You’d figure it’d be all hands on deck for the supposed Alan Wake continuation, but the minds and hands at Remedy Entertainment are still finding the time to support their racer Death Rally [$2.99] with a stream of post-release content. This morning’s update is a good one, too, as it adds a new level, a brand new mechanic, and a lot of fixes and tweaks.

Digging right into it, version 1.3 ushers in a brand new track called “Eureka.” It’s set in a frozen environment and features a “unique” camera angle. It also boasts a new mechanic: the studio has created and implemented a new track unlocking system that’ll allow you to collect pieces of new levels as you race. This is similar to how you put guns together and then earn them when you grab all the individual pieces via campaign play.

Oh, and no worries about losing all your save data again during an iPod switch -- a key value add in this latest update are back-ups that restore game progress based on what you’ve unlocked in Game Center. Not perfect, but it’s better than nothing, right?

As for the tweaks and bug fixes, there’s a lot. The one that jumps out at me is the random challenge bug fix, which now prevents the game from crashing in some cases. Also, the menus in the game have been “improved” for the iPhone 4 and original iPad, new sound has been added for the Stryker and the level Velodrama, and “further” support has been added to older iPod Touches and iPhones due to “reduced memory consumption.”

Death Rally, if you didn’t know, is a particularly sharp over-the-top racing game as noted in our review. The game hit first in March, but we actually featured it in our April game listings after upping the review to a five-star rating as a direct result of these awesome updates. Check it out!

  • World of Disappoint

    Kind of interesting that Remedy just finished an iOS game, and after being armed with that knowledge they're aiming to make an Alan Wake game that "
    will also give an opportunity for players who aren't familiar with the franchise to finally jump on board"?
    Due out Fall 2011 and developed by a small slice of the whole team? Smells like an iOS game 🙂

    • Killercow

      I don't think so, it's seems like a remake with kinect and pc functionnality thrown in with some new content. But that's just my two cents.

      Also i though Mountain sheep the creators of minigore were making this game and that remedy owned only the rights to the ip?

      • Timo Vihola

        To be exact there's three companies involved in making Death Rally: Cornfox & Bros, Mountain Sheep and Remedy.

      • World of Disappoint

        Ah. Good points all around. I'll still keep my fingers crossed for an iOS spinoff 🙂 Although, whatever pushes Remedy towards someday making an Alan Wake 2 is a good thing imo.

  • John Hood

    Death Rally has (in part) inspired me to buy an iPad 2!

  • whooley

    Good game, but possibly the biggest drawback was its lack of tracks (6, IIRC), and they're all short and relatively simple (no figure-of-8s, no contour changes, not many obstacles). Great update, hope they keep 'em coming!!

  • dalurkersteve

    Yeah I liked the game a lot too but still can't figure out what fame level I need to get those last two achievements... Anyone know?

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that the last one will be 42 million

  • Anonymous