It’s official: Cthulhu is about to get its tentacles all up in your mobile devices. Indie developer Red Wasp Design has just announced that it's behind Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, an upcoming 3D turn-based strategy RPG for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android.

I suppose at this point, Cthulhu is more notorious as an Internet meme than it is as an object of author H.P. Lovecraft’s tortured mind, but just as a refresher, the hulking, tentacle-faced monster first appeared in a short story published in 1928. The monster has been used in many a video game since. I’m thinking his most famous usage was in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, a Bethesda joint.

Of course, there’s also a paper RPG and it’s still a big deal. Red Wasp actually inked an agreement with the paper makers, Chaosium, in order to get this game done. As far as crossover, there’s a fair bit: “It is directly related to the paper RPG, not totally the same, but there is lots of cross-over,” a representative told me.

The Wasted Land takes place in an alternate World War I where our fair soldiers find a more impressive foe to face: an undead army that is ravaging Europe. It's up to you to find a way to stop the corpse advance through a mix of turn-based action.

If you’re like me, you’re probably scratching your head about how exactly this game will play. The TBS / RPG genre is cluttered with a bunch of different styles of games, so it’s kind of a nebulous branding. I didn’t get much more from the developers when I pressed.

“We're doing our own thing -- but in terms of gameplay, players of games like X-COM or Fire Emblem would understand where we are getting inspiration from,” the representative said.

“As in the core game is turn-based in movement and combat (as is the RPG) and there is a strong narrative that drives the levels forward. There is also a strong role-play element is how you develop your characters from level to level.”

Tight lips! More, including a release date and price, will be announced after this summer. Members of Red Wasp were previously behind Star Wars: The Battle For Hoth [$1.99 / Lite] and Filth Fair [Free] for iOS devices.

  • Karl

    RTS and Turn based?

  • EastsideStompers

    Don't really know what to think of any of that, but the art work is cool. Sort has an Iron Maiden's Eddie feel to it.

  • trystero

    Hmm you say RTS, but everything in the article suggest TBS... where do they say anything about Real-Time? Their inspirations are Fire Emblem and XCOM... two of the biggest TBS games out there...

  • Diffusion8r

    I'm sorry TA, but RTS is real time strategy. This is obviously a TBS, completely different genres which at first put me off completely reading the article and may for many others.

    Fire Emblem is a turn based strategy. Red Conquest isn't. So don't confuse the genres, and I'd change the title now because a bet a small majority of TBS fans may hate RTSes and be put off completely.

  • backtothis

    Yeah..kinda disappointed. I thought another quality RTS was coming to the iOS...I can count the current ones on one hand, but a SRPG is definitely welcome as well on the iOS. We're lacking those even more.

  • Anonymous

    The idea of an undead arm is completely generic and doesn't seem to have anything to do with Cthulhu whatsoever, which had nothing at all to do with undead. Cthulhu himself is an insane alien. That's quite a different thing. He wasn't undead. That's where my disappointment lay. It's just a name recognition money grab in that regard. On the other hand, the fact that it *isn't* an RTS, is a plus in my book. I've never been able to get into any RTS game. Turn based might be more appealing, but we shall see.

    • Artfoundry

      Yeah, I agree about the undead part - when I read that, I was thinking "huh? but undead don't have anything to do with Cthulhu...". Definitely a disappointment there. But it sounds like they're just in the beginning stages of dev, so maybe they'll be able to change it to something more appropriate for the subject.

      And as for the RTS thing, I don't know why people keep talking RTS - the article doesn't say anything about it being RTS - it says it's a role playing TBS.

      • Anonymous

        That's because they fixed the article. It use to say RTS.

  • FreeFrog

    Intriguing. We'll see if they can pull it off.

  • Tomas Rawlings

    Hi all, I'm Tomas from Red Wasp Design and the designer on the title. First off thanks for the feedback, we'll consider it all. A couple of extra bits of information... The game is a turn-based strategy title with RPG aspects as part of it. While the initial release will be iPhone and Android, one of the reasons it will take us another few months to complete is that all the graphics and art are being built at a high-res, ready to be used to create versions for other platforms and iPad is totally on our radar. We'll be putting more out about all this on the blog.

    One of the things I've drawn inspiration from for the story of the game is the original of Re-animator, which unlike the film, part of which is set in WW1 and sees Dr.Herbert West experimenting on the bodies of dead soldiers... again I'll be talking more about this on the blog over the coming weeks; http://www.redwaspdesign,com/

    Thanks again and cheers for the comments!

    • Anonymous

      So why didn't you call it Re-animator? This theme has nothing to do with Cthulhu. I might get your game anyway, but I wish you'd either made it a Cthulhu game or called it something else.

      • Tomas Rawlings

        Hi Crunc, thanks for your support in saying you might get it. We called it Call of Cthulhu in part because it is based on the classic RPG of the same name, but rest assured, it will also draw in other Mythos creatures... Thanks

      • squarezero

        Re-animator was also written by HP Lovecraft, and everything he wrote (pretty much) connects with Cthuhlu in some way.

        In any event, it might be a good idea for Brad to edit the article to correct the whole RTS/SRPG mess. For what it's worth, I think that TBS and SRPGs are a better fit for the platform than RTS. Very exciting news.

      • Anonymous

        Reanimator was written by Lovecraft, but it's not a Cthulhu mythos story. It's unrelated.

    • Dyscode

      "part of which is set in WW1 and sees Dr.Herbert West experimenting on the bodies of dead soldiers..." how deep did you actually dig to come up this this... excuse?

      sort of weak

  • drelbs

    Cthulhu is already on the App Store in 'Necronomicon' which is like Dungeon Solitaire with a board-game at the end.

  • Anonymous

    An insta buy for me, definitely.

  • Anonymous

    looks great!

  • Walt Williams

    Ugh.. It's just another *&#! zombie game. What a waste of a license. Cthulhu really needs to be done as an RPG or adventure game. This is Cthulhu only in name.

    • Mwhite67

      I hope it's not just zombies you fight against. I would like it to be like Final Fantasy Tactics where you fight against all sorts of monsters which each have different abilities. I'd like to battle crazed cultists that use magic as well as various horrors from beyond and aliens. I can picture battling zombies that just have the same boring mele attack or the occasional acid puke being terribly repetitive.

      Also I hope the player has more character class options than basic WW1 grunt. There's so many possibilities it will be a huge disappointment if they aren't capitalized on.

      • Tomas Rawlings

        Hi Mwhite67 - Rest assured, it's not just zombies you face. There is more Mythos going on here than the undead... Thanks

  • Mwhite67

    Kind of sick of zombie games, but I assume there will be other cthulhu related stuff in the game and I am a sucker for TBS games so I will definitely be picking this up unless it looks terrible when screens and videos come out. Also make it universal seperate HD versions of games make me want to puke.

  • Apolhill0

    At first when I saw the title Call of Cthulu I instantly thought it was a Metallica like game except they call it ktulu and it would be awesome if that song was in the game.

  • B4ka

    Here's a basic runthrough of the game:

    *Your soldiers see Cthulhu*

    *98% of the soldiers immediately go insane*

    *The remaining 2% have enough sanity left to fire their guns uselessly at Cthulhu*

    *Everyone gets eaten by Cthulhu*

    • Artfoundry

      Heh, that's probably why they had to dumb it down with "zombies" fighting your soldiers - to give you at least a fighting chance. :p

  • Denny Kingsley

    What I wanna know is do we get a hidden secret character Cartman and if we get to ride Cthulu with him

  • Dyscode

    I don´t have too much of a good feeling about this. Chaosium has many great Cthulhu Scenarios and they picked the most least interresting one!

  • Fokion

    Turn-based strategy is a natural fit for iOS. Plus, there's the Chaosium license. Day 1 purchase for me... once it comes out on iPad. I really hope the developers pay a lot of attention to the writing. Nothing breaks immersion more easily than bad translations and unintentionally funny lines.

    • Tomas Rawlings

      Thanks for the kind words - and you make a good point re writing - we'll take note!

  • Jack

    Cautiously optimistic... I liked Battle for Hoth a lot, thought it captured the feel of Star Wars pretty well. Not a fan of zombie soldiers though- I guess I can see from a commerical aspect why they'd go for it, but I'd much rather been creeping through the dusty library at Miskatonic University or trying to escape unimaginable horrors from the depths in Innsmouth than, y'know... zombie soldiers. Hopefully it expands out into other venues as the game goes on then.

  • Miko

    To the author of the article: As Lovecraft together with Poe is the founder of modern horror, it is safe to assume that Cthulu is better known then just an internet meme as you write. This is pretty demeaning of the intelligence of the people you are writing too.

  • Killagorilla

    I'm a huge Lovecraft fan...especially the creepy cultists, demonic creatures and the timeline of "Innsmouth", and " whisperer in the  darkness"...The idea of a strategy rpg, where you create and control a party of victorian investigators, etc... against the supernatural is a dream come true.  I only hope that you " flesh-out" the story and give us a true Cthulhu experience.  I will be wishing you a great deal of luck and am appreciative of your efforts!

  • Anonymous

    Out TODAY(but I haven't spent the $5 yet)!