It seems like any time I hear of a new iOS game being built with the Unreal Engine development kit, I’m immediately interested. Such is the case with The First Attempt from Turkish developer Wish Game Studio. They recently released a video of their upcoming game and, despite not having any idea what type of game it is, the video has piqued my curiosity.

Take a look for yourself at the video for The First Attempt, which shows some character renders, some vague story description, and some fly-throughs of a few of the levels:

Unfortunately, there is no other information about the game, and the developer’s blog and Facebook page don't offer many clues either, though they do have additional screenshots if you're interested. My best guess is that The First Attempt will be some sort of first-person shooter, as the level designs appear to be laid out like a single-player campaign of a typical FPS. It’s really anybody’s guess, though, and there is plenty of speculation going on in our forums.

The video states that The First Attempt is set to launch sometime this month, and we’ll bring you any new information on this title as we get it.

  • Furtin

    Worst. Trailer. Ever.

    Just do something good with the engine, please.

    • Rebelord

      I agree, it looks like they're using the UDK which gives you the potential to make great games for iOS devices, but so far this doesn't look like it's going to be one of those games.

      Sadly it looks more like someone's "First Attempt" at making a game with the UDK, and its more embarrassing than good.

  • iJuice

    Im sorry to say, but it is looks totally amateur, really a first attempt.

  • Anonymous

    Jared's wishful thinking was interesting to read. This awful trailer was painful to sit through. If a developer can't make an entertaining 2-minute trailer (why not 10 seconds? that's how much content we saw), chances are very good the game won't be fun either.

  • Lol

    Note to self : never buy this game.

    • Anonymous


  • RogerG

    Thats 2 minutes I'll never get back, what I complete waste of my (everyones) time.
    TA did you really think this was worth showing..?

    • dude

      I'm lucky.I quit after 45 seconds.

  • Teknikal69

    I'm not the type to judge a game before I've played it so I'll wait and see.

  • TheTheory

    I dunno, looks like it could be decent. Assuming a 1st person shooter, it's success or failure will largely depend on how well the controls work.


  • Truth

    Why is it that when other developers use Unreal Engine, it's no way near being graphically as excellent as Infinity Blade??

    • Anonymous

      Because the engine is only half the battle. It's up to the developer to create strong assets and lighting conditions.

    • Furtin

      Guess it all boils down to manpower and financial resources. Plus IB was a show-off for the UE on iOS (gosh, those abbreviations really save time ...), so I bet that ChAIR got a whole lot of help from EPIC to make it an optimal first release.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like it will be a crowd style shooter, based on the level run thrus, which look very linear and corridor like. I'm predicting a first or third person similar to Left 4 Dead in play style - minus the coop elements.

    Not sure about the negative reactions here. Sure, the trailer isn't great, but the game could be awesome for all we know.

    • Mike

      But.. The trailer makes youwant_todie.

  • oliath

    First attempt.

    More like - 'my first attempt at making any kind of game ever'

  • DHrox

    According to their youtube channel, this game will be an isometric top-down shooter.

    • MrNomad

      A top-shooter? .......... boring.

      • MrNomad

        top-down shooter**

  • pup

    Never a good sign when the first 30secs of a 2min trailer are nothing but company logos.

  • Bill Slenter

    There's a Korean-owned restaurant near my office called "Pizza and Chicken Love Letter". I kid you not. It probably has great food, but I just can't bring myself to walk in the door. Maybe it's the name. It's just... weird. Something was seriously lost in the translation.

    I had the exact same reaction when watching this trailer.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like maybe a rail shooter with bad textures.

  • N D V

    In the comments for that trailer the developer states:
    It will be a top-down game for IOS. Gameplay videos will be posted soon.Best Wishes,So that clears that up

  • N D V

    In the comments for that trailer the developer states:
    It will be a top-down game for IOS. Gameplay videos will be posted soon.Best Wishes,So that clears that up