Robot vs. Wizards’ Paper Monsters looks a lot like Little Big Planet. So much so, you have to question the vision and scope of the project. Is Paper Monsters a cash-in bereft of its own unique cadence, style, and tone? Or is it its own game? I followed up with the studio after our original posting, hoping that I could get some answers to you.

After talking with a representative of the project, I feel like it’s safe to say that Paper Monsters is its own deal. Media Molecule’s 2.5D side-scrolling platform title has had a huge impact on the project -- that’s clear. But, Robots vs. Wizards is looking to create its own game within the whimsical, familiar aesthetic.

“I initially started wanting to bring something like LBP to iOS. I guess that shows,” a representative for Robots vs. Wizards told me via e-mail. “However, while it does look like LBP, it plays and feels a lot more like a Mario game.”

Then they told me you can jump on bad guys’ heads.

“[Paper Monsters] is a lot less “floaty” and physics-based, and you can blast bad guys with fire balls, so that makes it a little more action based,” he continued. “So far you can swim or turn into a dragon. There are also flying levels with the ladybug Box-coptor.”

“I think once more and more levels are shown it will look less like LBP -- which could be good or bad, I guess.”

If there’s one thing LBP doesn’t do well, it’s action. Media Molecule’s game is about content creation, so the focus is on the tools as opposed to the “game” part. If Robot vs. Wizards succeeds in its execution on Paper Monsters, it’ll be providing an experience that surpasses what even Media Molecule offers.

“We are putting TONS of effort into making Paper Monsters feel original,” the rep told us. And I believe it.

No release date or price has been set yet, but we do know now that that game will be an Universal iPad and will feature “graphic enhancements” for iPad 2 owners. It’ll also ship Game Center and all the functionality that comes with the service.

  • Andy Raczynski

    great news about it being for iPad at least.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not quite sure what to make of the LBP "action" comment... it's a platformer. Super Mario games don't exactly have good action either.

    • Anonymous

      Every Super Mario game I've played has had excellent action?

      Little Big Planet was widely criticized for having overly floaty controls, physics that got in the way of platforming more than they helped, and a confusing and unnecessary level depth system. In other words, the game was interesting for what you could make, not for how it played.

      This game, supposedly, will be a platformer for platforming's sake.

      • Anonymous

        I'm keen to hear what your idea of "action" in a video game is, because bosses aside the most action Mario gets is stomping on a goomba. Hardly exhilarating.

        I disagree with the criticism against LittleBigPlanet as well. There are one or two areas in a 50-level game where the depth gets in the way and the controls/physics are workable enough for my 10 year old counsin and his 7 year old brother to finish the single player together. My advice to those who can't get to grips with the controls would be a childish-sounding but surprisingly apt "lrn2play".

      • Anonymous

        action (n.): The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

        That sounds like a Mario game to me? A lot of people find them really fun and imaginative, including me, even after all these years (and the modern ones are no less novel). This is as opposed to, say, a repetitive movie like Call of Duty, which has so much In Your Face ACTION (tm) that it goes right over all of our heads.

        Also, re: LBP. No one said it wasn't easy, but that's not really the point.

      • Mrsmartiepants

        Yeah, except you're a moron. We have gaming categories for a reason. Mario is a platformer. Jesus christ. Mario was on an Adventure to and you're role playing as Mario - gee how will we ever categorize this game?!?

      • Anonymous

        Agreed! Lots of (mostly non-owners of the game) complain that LBP's controls were floaty, but there were many advantages to that as well. It's very playable, with more staying power (due to the endless barrage of levels from brilliant designers) than the majority of games out there. I'm not even a fan of the high end consoles, but there's nothing like LBP 1/2 out there.

  • ronitagar

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  • Metaright

    One thing I hate: comparing a game to another. Sure, a little comparison is fine. But hey, millions of people and I don't even know what Little Big Planet is. If you compare it over and over (like you guys did with "metroidvania" recently), the post is useless. Once the game is out please don't keep referring to Little Big Planet.

  • Retro_Gamer

    I don't see the issue with referring to this game as "reminiscent" of LBP, and I think it's mainly some of the visuals that look similar. At any rate, this looks like a great game, and I can't wait to get my hands on it, if it's anything like LBP or Mario, I'm in!

  • Hitch

    Weird... In LBP you can stomp on enemies heads, and even get guns that shoot whatever you want. Fire, electricity balls, swords, etc. Plus you can change your character/effects with the little Sackbots... Also there are a lot of "Flying" levels (Even on a ladybug).

  • Norwich Retro Gaming

    This is different, looks a bit like LBP! Which has been said, not just cell shaded following style but has that feel to it!

  • Elly

    I think it looks great!

  • Asfasefaefaef



  • Madison Gerritsen

    Any news on this? It's been months.