Cipher Prime, the Philadelphia-based developer of the award winning, multi-platform title Auditorium [Free], is getting set to release their newest rhythm-based music game exclusively (for now) on the iPad. Called Pulse, the gameplay will have you tapping and sometimes sliding a series of dots in time with a circle that pulses from the center of the screen in rhythm with the music. It’s certainly not easy to explain, so it might be best to check out this gameplay video from IndieGameMag:

Pulse is looking like an interesting new entry in the rhythm-based music game genre. I think one of the strong points will be that the gameplay seems to have been built around the included songs in the game, with a range of genres covered from electronica to heavy metal to chip-tunes. Cipher Prime has also stated that Pulse would only be possible on a device with a large multitouch screen, hence the game only currently coming to the iPad, but they haven’t entirely ruled out an Android version sometime in the future either. No word yet on if an iPhone or iPod touch version could be possible.

According to the Cipher Prime blog, Pulse is already approved by Apple and will be releasing this Thursday. We’ll take a closer look at the game then.

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  • Anonymous

    I like rythm games, but the music I heared in this video wasn't great...
    Sad they don't use music inside the device.

    • Anonymous

      That's what I was thinking. Music seemed a little too 8-bit'ish...would of been nice to sync with your iTunes music although I'm sure that's extremely difficult to implement on their end. Same reason why Guitar Hero never let you do the same.

  • Guest

    it's like cool cool toon, the dreamcast game by snk