Need more RPG fantasy action? Cool, because another big title based on these three things is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game I’m talking about here is Zenonia 3: The Midgard Story [$4.99], following Zenonia [$1.99 / Free] and Zenonia 2 [$1.99 / Free] as the third installment in the series.

This specific iteration offers a few new things -- foremost being the “Fairy helper system,” which adds some additional depth to the leveling mechanic. There are also a total of four character classes, more special active and passive skills, as well as a new, more streamlined inventory and item management system. Oh, and if you’re down with some Words With Friends style asynchronous play, Zenonia 3 has that -- there’s a special “Execution Room” which allows "co-op" play for loot, as well as PVP.

If you need a sense of what this game is about, check out this trailer. It's a little flashy, but there's some actual gameplay at the end:

The Zenonia games have always had a massive fan following on our forums, and the latest installment is no different. The thread has grown to an impressive size, and is worth checking out for the many impressions and gameplay tips left by readers.

  • Kevin Hetherington

    The game is great. There is a lot of content and the new execution room makes grinding for levels a complete breeze (3-4 levels in literally less than 10m), which was my main complaint in zenonia 2. Story is decent and hard/hell mode are already in the game so you can just keep playing.

    A definite purchase for action rpg lovers.

    • Anonymous

      Quick and easy grinding? Nice.

  • Furtin

    Miracolous actionadventure, so well crafted and with so much love to details - its an instand buy. Forget giddy gameloft games - this is pure love!

  • gee

    awesome game, i love it. best zenonia so far

  • Feyo

    yet another jrpg

  • Federico Astica


  • Demonicdemo

    how to increase fame lvl in execution room?