If you've never heard of The Impossible Game [99¢ / Free]] go ahead and take a minute to clear your schedule because your going to need some free time. Released just over a year ago on the App Store, The Impossible Game is a port of the highly popular Xbox Live Indie game under the same name. While it's a platformer by nature, there's one major difference about The Impossible Game that really makes stand out from the rest: As the title might suggest, this game is hard.

The game's graphics consist of only 2 shapes, squares and triangles. The Impossible Game won't win any awards in the graphics department it makes up for it with some of the most original platform gaming I've ever experienced. The gameplay is simple and straightforward and consists of a square that moves automatically through a level at a blazingly fast speed while you try to tap on the screen to make your square jump over and onto other squares, all while trying to avoid smashing into them head on.

When you fail (and you will) and hit a box or land on some spikes you will automatically start right back at the beginning of the level and start over from scratch. Luckily there is a practice mode which allows you to place flags down as you progress through the the level so you can restart from your last dropped flag, but what makes this game so "impossible" is to truly beat a level you must make it all the way through from start to finish with only one life.

Even though it looks like a simple platformer from the outside this game still feels unlike anything I've ever played before, due in part to the way the levels are setup with the boxes in some crazy configurations with some needing to be climbed like an endless staircase and the rest needing to be precisely timed with the perfect jump or release of the screen, all the while moving at sonic speed.

The music consists of catchy techno beats that really tie in the precision jumping with the the frantic gameplay to perfectly produce a platforming package that I've yet to experience anywhere else. Even after a couple hundred plays through, the music still felt like a critical part to beating the game and not once did I want to turn it off as it seems to really help you to time jumps to sections in the song.

Because of the difficulty of this game, If you find you have the patience to finally beat these levels you will truly feel you have accomplished something amazing in a video game... Even if the reward at the end of a level is lackluster to say the least.

Keep in mind it will get quite frustrating to beat a level in one life, but once you do, it will be burned into your memory for life as a result of (potentially) hundreds of retries. This may somewhat diminish the games replay value, but I still continue to pick it up from time to time to see if I've still got it. Regardless, the game comes standard with two levels, each of which should take you quite some time to beat. If you're looking for more there's also a 99¢ IAP level pack to add an additional two levels.

Sure The Impossible Game came out quite a while ago, but it's still a ton of fun. If you liked the game on the Xbox 360, you'll likely enjoy it just as much on the iPhone. Otherwise, if you're the kind of person who gets into brutally difficult games and doesn't mind endlessly retrying levels until you get it right, look no further than The Impossible Game.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corey-Watford/100000938231196 Corey Watford

    This is just a big ad for a old game they wont update

    • member

      Apr 27 '11 Version 1.5.6
      Apr 26 '11 Version 1.5.5
      Mar 09 '11 Version 1.5.4
      Mar 04 '11 Version 1.5.3

      • Anonymous

        are those content updates or just bugs fixes? other than the aforementioned DLC support update of course. any free content updates? 0.99 for 2 levels doesn't seem like the greatest deal of all time.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Despite popular belief, developers aren't required to release a constant stream of free content for 99¢ games. The Impossible Game has four levels total, two available via a 99¢ DLC pack. Playing all four levels to completion will take you quite a bit of time.

      • Deepmist

        It's 99 freakin cents. I played this game for at least 5 hours when it first came out. Not to mention a couple hours on the xbox360 before that. I've bought games for 60 dollars that I've played less, and those games never get content updates.

    • Tannen Skriver

       Actually, it just got an update, at least on Android, a short while ago.

  • Matt F

    One of my first iPhone games, indeed very very difficult. It truly honor its name. I can recall retina display and gamecenter updates

  • http://twitter.com/bgribin Brandon Gribin

    Great review, thanks for posting.

    So, is this Brian Johnson a new editor? Does thou have a Twitter username?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, I do have a twitter account but I don't use it very much..


  • Anonymous

    just heard about this game
    bought it
    blood pressure raised
    calm again

  • at_ease

    looks nice but I think SpikeDislike is the better alternative 😉

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P34CMNHOMQEJ3UFOLEY7QN3SVA Peter

    I enjoyed this game on the xBox but got a bit tired of it. It really is quite difficult but part of the reason I think was 'cause of the boring graphics. Would love to see an update though...

  • Anonymous

    Just a question... What inspired you guys to write this review at this point?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It fell between the cracks here when it was originally released, it's a good game, and has had surprising staying power on the charts. Why not?

      • Anonymous

        Haha alright. Review was spot on BTW... The soundtrack is darn catchy.

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    • Lukwtwz

      I think someone's ego was hurt by Gear's difficulty, so they had to unearth this racey 2D title. It's called resting on one's gaming laurels.

      • Lukwtwz

        My comment was dumb. Please disregard. This might be worth checking out some day.

  • Decoy Octopus

    This game is stupid.

    • bones boy

      Projecting again?

    • Anonymous

      I have yet to read a comment of yours that is not stupid.

  • Qwas

    I have spent at least 6 hours trying to master the third and fourth levels with no success. If anybody thinks the first level is hard then try the last two. Right know I can beat the first two levels easily but the last two are insanely hard.

  • http://twitter.com/Carmine_Justice anthony simmons

    true, but a year in and all we have are 2 extra stages.....where is the content? we'll buy it if it shows up.

  • Krzys

    This game is an utterly crap, because the connection between the sound/music and the action is unbelievable low (if any).

    Go and get some good example of how it should be done, like Rhythm Tengoku.

    • Anonymous

      An utterly crap?

  • Gres

    actually its not impossible to done this game! After 882 attempt and 15369 jumps I finally finished the game without flag!

    (yeah looks like I have no life etc...)

  • Backtothis

    Just realized this was by a new author. Congrats on getting the spot as a new TA writer. Good start man.

  • http://twitter.com/revelated ReVeLaTeD

    Never will be as "impossible" as IMPOSSIBLE MISSION. Just sayin.

  • Squeaker

    Gratz 1337brian on becoming the new writer here. Great review, I played a few rounds of The Impossible Game again after reading it.

  • andreytudori

    hey guys. I have a problem on my android when i play the game it says music detected. it won't let me play any music or sound from game and the graphics are fucked up. help!?

The Impossible Game Reviewed by Brian Johnson on . Rating: 4