Earlier this week Epic Games reported that LucasArts signed a multi-year studio-wide licensing agreement to utilize Epic's awesome Unreal Engine 3 across multiple platforms. According to Epic Vice President Mark Rein, “LucasArts is now primed to capitalize on Unreal Engine 3’s ability to scale across platforms, from mobile, through PC and console all the way up to the next generation of games.”

Now, I'm not entirely sure just how excited to get about all of this. Epic Citadel [Free] and Infinity Blade [$5.99] have done a great job showing just what the Unreal Engine 3 can do on the iOS platform. Technically speaking, if games are developed in UE3 with multiple platforms in mind, targeting iOS devices could all be part of the same development process that would result in Xbox 360, PS3, and PC games. Rein does specifically mention mobile gaming too, and there's no disputing the fact that iOS is a main mobile platform currently.

However, LucasArts really has yet to get that involved in the world of iOS. Their App Store catalog is fairly barren, and only consists of Monkey Island remakes. I'd love to think that we're about to get a bucket of amazing LucasArts Unreal Engine 3-powered games dumped on the App Store, but if this is just being announced now, it will likely be quite a while before we see any of the projects utilizing this engine.

Keep your fingers crossed, iOS-owning LucasArts fans!

  • Deamon34

    Infinity Blade re skinned with light sabers in the Star Wars Universe? Yes please!!

  • SMP

    Yay, theyre finally using UE3...... just like every other game company in the world. Mobile gaming aside, Lucasarts has just done a terrible job with the Star Wars brand on the current generation of platfoms. The dozen or so games theyve published have either been dissapointments, gotten canceled, or were clone wars games. This announcement just highlights how much they are in desperate need of a critically/commercially successful release anywhere, let alone iOS. This announcement also defeats my hope that LucasArts would call it quits on the development side, because most of the good Star Wars games last generation came from developers that have moved on or closed down since. So Im not really holding my breath, but it would be nice if they made a comeback... even on iphone/ipad.

  • Johnnyfromcalgary

    Come on IOS Grim Fandango port!!!!!!!

  • CrazyOkie

    Dark Forces/Jedi Knight or KOTOR, either would be awesome!

    • https://twitter.com/BulkSlash BulkSlash

      I'd love to see all three of those, but KOTOR would definitely work really well with the touch interface I think!

      Make it happen LucasArts!!!

  • hello

    grim fandango special edition running on u3 engine

    fund it

  • jumpman475

    Force Unleashed for iOS? Please say yes, lol

  • jumpman475

    Force Unleashed for iOS? Please say yes, lol

  • Skye629

    Star wars battlefront plz?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cristiano-Fernandez/100001794208078 Cristiano Fernandez

      One word, AWESOME!

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    Gasp! X-Wing and Tie Fighter on iPad! Well, hmm... no keyboard...

  • Freeridemtb4

    republic commando 2 please, nothing else is needed.

  • Furtin

    Finally: Battlefront 3! Muahahaha!

    'sniff', so sad. Soso sad. Never will we see, Battlefront three.

  • Frcajs

    What about Android? the Droid phones are more than capable running the UE3...

  • walsh06

    Battlefront 3.... only game that needs to be made. And there is such a huge audience waiting for it too that it would sell like crazy.

  • http://www.tsimpountiii.gr Nikos Chatzigeorgiadis

    excellent games both of em!