Friday Freebie Alert: ‘Physics Gamebox’

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Bummed that the Space Shuttle launch got scrubbed and need a pick-me-up? Have nothing to do this weekend? Are you totally out of iTunes credit and want a new game to play? Well, I have the solution to all three of these problems, and potentially any other problems you can cook up: Physics Gamebox [Free]

While you’re waiting for the game to download (you are downloading it, aren’t you?) you can check out our review. In a nutshell, Physics Gamebox comes packed with two incredibly popular games that got their start on various Flash game portals out there. Ragdoll Cannon has you shooting ragdolls at goals (and actually was the inspiration behind Ragdoll Blaster) as well as Roly-Poly Cannon which puts you in charge of firing your cannon at Roly-Poly bugs who have invaded. 300 levels in all are included, which should keep you busy for quite a while.

For more freebies, swing on over to AppShopper, or check out our price drops and freebies forum. It seems like there’s always awesome stuff to be had for free (or very cheap).


    Time to pull out the BIG guns! 2 of the most popular Flash physics games in one awesome box!

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