Fishlabs' highly anticipated add-on to Galaxy On Fire 2 [$9.99 / Lite] recently hit the App Store, and is likely sitting in your pending updates listing if you already own the game. (Assuming of course you haven't already updated.) This update actually comes in two parts, a free component and the actual Valkyrieadd-on which is unlocked via a $4.99 in-app purchase.

In this update, everyone who owns Galaxy On Fire 2 will be granted access to three ships from the original Galaxy On Fire: The Phantom, Vol Noor, and Wraith. Also, you'll be able to get a personal space station to store multiple ships as well as all your loot, cargo, and other items that you want out of your ships' cargo holds.

The Valkyrie add-on picks up on Keith T. Maxwell's adventures, and is largely based around fan feedback. Aside from a new array of planets, ships, weaponry, and other equipment, there's also an entirely new extensively voiced over campaign. The repair robots and automated turrets sound particularly useful, and a new black market trading system will allow players to get even more involved in the galaxy's virtual economy.

For more information on our game, you can check out our review, the insanely active forum thread, or Fishlabs' own incredibly interesting developer diary for the whole add-on project. I've had a great time with Galaxy On Fire 2, and look forward to delving deeper into this new add-on. The cost of the game and this new add-on might seem expensive in App Store terms, but the amount of content in the original game and now this new add-on is nothing short of ridiculous. I'm not exaggerating at all by saying if Galaxy On Fire 2 sucks you in, it could keep you busy for months.

  • Ben Ruddock

    Love this add-on. The story was a bit short but there's so much new content like ships and weapons and gear and your own Space Station. Auto-Turrets are amazing, and the Deep Science ships are freaking beautiful.

  • FreeFrog

    Okay, I guess I was blind as I thought Valkyrie was going to be free (must have missed the $4.99 in-game message). Regardless, I bought it right away and I just started an all new game, so I have yet to find the new goodies. GoF2 to me is one of the few games that exceeds my expectations of the iOS platform.

    • Gaz

      you have to complete galaxy on fire 2 first before you can start valkyrie

      • FreeFrog

        Yep, I saw that, but there are still new tech goodies to enjoy during a full replay.

  • Anonymous

    I really really really really really want to love this game - I just wish they would put in a "cockpit view" or at least an "in front of your ship view" - i don't like the third person camera. Also being able to control the thrust of your ship would be great too. I bet the camera one could be an easy update, obviously the thrust would require vast changes to the gameplay...

  • Sandefurchris

    gof2 is a great game, but is getting old quickly and needs more add ons.   more weapons would be nice            new ships tooo         can they make a small add on to tide over to a huge add on              please read this and make more add ons before i get bored to death with this game.   and hurry my friend is geting tired too

    • Daniel Cowan

      You can't hurry an add on. They take forever to code, and everything. Even a small one takes a while.

  • 14bojanj

    hey i dont have the update wats happening help