At the beginning of February, Ravenous Games released League of Evil [99¢/Lite], a fast-paced platforming game with a retro look and feel. We liked League of Evil quite a bit in our review, noting its well-designed levels, fantastic pixel art, and solid controls. League of Evil originally came with 54 levels to play through, with several goals to attain on each that offered a nice amount of replay value. Just a couple of weeks following release, the game was updated with 30 additional levels themed after fellow developer Halfbot’s The Blocks Cometh [$1.99], as well as 18 “impossible” levels that came with a brutal degree of difficulty.

Over the weekend, League of Evil received its second substantial content update that brings another new episode filled with 30 brand new jungle-themed levels. This update also brings online leaderboard that join the already implemented OpenFeint achievements. There’s a leaderboard for each of the 4 episodes - Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Blocks Cometh, The Impossible Missions, and Welcome to the Jungle - and once you’ve completed every level in an episode your total completion time for that episode will be uploaded online.

The App Store is a veritable smorgasbord of great platformers, and since release League of Evil has hovered near the very top of the list for me. With all of the new levels from these last 2 updates that have more than doubled the size of the original release, it just keeps getting better. Plus, Ravenous Games has said in our forums that they are currently working on a level editor for League of Evil that will come with the ability to share created levels. There’s no set release for this feature, but the prospect of creating my own levels has me really excited.

If you haven’t yet picked up League of Evil, now would be a great time to do so as it’s supposed to jump up in price with this latest update to $2.99, but as of this writing can still be bought for just 99¢. The price can change at any moment though, so best to act quickly if you’re interested in buying the game, and don’t forget there’s a free lite version to try as well.

  • Erghzef

    Make it universal, please !

  • Anon

    Glad to see this game is getting some press. Great piece of work.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best platformer for the iPhone, bar none. I want a universal update too. I'd even pay for it. It's easily worth it. Also, it needs to have a better way to show your times/ranking on the leaderboards. I'd like to see it show your ranking for each level, so you know which ones to chip away at.

  • Erghzef

    Alright, i just bought it, even though it's not that pretty on the ipad screen (wish you could "export" or replicate the buttons areas outside the 1x screen), happy ?? I'm so weak... can't... resist... 0.79€ sale... This easter sales has ruined me 🙂

    But now i can eat pasta for the rest of the year AND play awesome games while waiting for the water to boil !

  • Phil Baxter

    Has this update fixed the frame rate by any chance? I tried the Lite of this on my iPhone 4 and 30fps for a 2D game is an instant deal breaker.