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Video for Upcoming ‘Destructopus!’ – Saving the Earth Through Destruction

When an off-shore oil rig accidentally drills right into the head of a giant red sea creature named Destructopus, the monster awakens to find that its beloved planet Earth is being ravaged with pollution by the human race. To right this wrong, Destructopus does the 2 things he knows best: destroys the many man-made structures that are polluting the environment, and kills the humans that are exploiting nature’s cute and cuddly creatures. Such is the story of the aptly titled Destructopus!, an upcoming game from developer Glitchsoft.

Destructopus! is a side-scrolling arcade game where you’ll control the lumbering red behemoth as he lays waste to anything and everything in his path. Destructopus can use his mighty jaws, claw-like tentacle, or eye laser to destroy the many structures in the game as well as fling around the vehicles and humans on the ground and in the air. It feels like a throwback to the classic arcade game Rampage, with a ton of little details in the environments and many elements to interact with.

Destroying things is not only fun, but will earn Destructopus green orbs which can be used in an in-game shop to purchase upgrades and will also determine how many stars out of 3 you will score for a level. While many of the upgrades can be bought with these green orbs, some of the more interesting sounding ones are only available by in-app purchases, which is kind of a bummer.

We’ve had a preview build of Destructopus! for the past couple of weeks, and have been enjoying it quite a bit so far. The mechanics are pretty simple and at times it can feel a bit button mashy, but causing a huge amount of destruction is very satisfying. Plus, in later levels the enemies increase in quantity and difficulty, requiring quite a bit more strategy and upgrading in order to succeed. Destructopus! has already been approved by Apple and is slated to release on May 3rd. Until then you can check out the discussion of the game in our forums and we’ll take a closer look at this title when it hits the App Store.