Are you an iPad owner who has been patiently wondering when you can get your hands on Gameloft’s highly-inspired-by-Starcraft real-time strategy game Starfront: Collision [$2.99/Free]? There is a whole thread in our forums wondering just exactly that, and if you fall into that category there is some good news for you today. Gameloft has released 3 new videos of Starfront: Collision for the iPad depicting battles between each of the 3 available factions in the game (complete with slightly annoying play-by-play commentary). The video below shows off a battle between the Myriads and Wardens:

There are 2 more videos on their YouTube channel, one with a battle between the Consortium and Myriads and the other showing the Wardens versus the Consortium. Gameloft is usually pretty good about releasing native iPad versions of their games at the same time or not too long after their iPhone and iPod touch versions, but in the case of Starfront they’ve been taking their sweet time. Since they specifically mention the iPad 2 in their video descriptions, the extra time may have gone to enhancements tailored to the extra horsepower of that device, but we’ll have to wait to find out for sure.

There isn’t a specific release date for Starfront on iPad other than “coming soon” but generally when Gameloft starts talking about something it isn’t too far off from coming out. Until then you can check out our quick impressions of the iPhone and iPod touch version of Starfront or drop by the release thread in our forums to see what players have to say about the game, and we’ll be looking forward to checking out Starfront: Collision on the larger screen of the iPad in the near future.

  • SMP

    Huh, I thought it came out for the ipad. The iphone/itouch versions were terrible, The games interface/controls just did not work on the small cramped screen. My real gripe with the game was the fact that it was a starcraft/C&C style RTS. I have no problem with them ripping those games off, Its just the gameplay. The fast and hardball rock/paper/scizzors battles, basebuilding, and resource gathering are things that I already dislike about Starcraft, but those things fit the iphone like a glove made of broken glass. Probably'll be a bit more manageable on the ipad, I would certainly like to see more RTS's on iOS, just better designed games that actually take the platform into account. Starfront is not one of those games.

  • AGP

    I really can't stand all of this cloning crap. Come up with an original thought once in a while, you shameless, uncreative, untalented hacks.

    • Adams Immersive

      I know what you mean. I’m looking forward to this, but with guilt! I wish Blizzard would bring the real thing, but no sign of that for now. OR I wish someone would beat Starcraft with a touch RTS that is truly unique! A tall order, but worth hoping for. Meanwhile... I probably will go for Starfront. (Not to mention, my old Mac won’t die, and it won’t run Starcraft 2! So I need something to tide me over until my next Mac with SC2. I’ve never played a full RTS before and I really want to try it. Maybe Starfront iPad will sell me on the general idea, and end up making me buy Starcraft 2!)

    • Lost Viking

      haha! The irony here is that Blizzard's expertise is in polishing, not originality. They didn't invent the RTS genre, they took Dune to a new level. They didn't invent MMOs, they make a better EverQuest. So don't blame these guys for not having originality. They are following in a long, distinguished tradition. One that includes Blizzard.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with everything that you said. Except that Gameloft doesn't push any boundaries, like Blizzard does.

        Gameloft did not make a better StarCraft.

      • Anonymous

        Yup, I don't fault games for not being original if they do what they do well. But Gameloft makes no attempt to do that. They care about keeping development time as short as possible, doing the bare minimum to get a 'complete' game out the door. This usually means doing enough to make their games look like a popular IP, and little else.

        Rise of Nations was not original, and had many elements from Age of Empires and similar games, but it built and improved on them, while also trying to do it's own thing. Gameloft copies good games and makes them shitty to cash in.

      • Anonymous

        +100 for the RoN reference!

      • Mike

        Well what do you espext with the Apple userbase eing so disgustingly casual they force even gameloft and EA to lower 3d games to the likes of angry birds' $.99 price?

      • Mike

        Kind of like Apple huh? Apple is never cutting edge, the ipad 1 and 2 never defined any specs or hardware in mobile computing. But they do oush boundaries,esp in terms of software and accessability.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but you see - if Blizzard doesn't plan on popping this game on to iPad, why not have something similar? If Gameloft didn't exist, and someone asked "is there anything like StarCraft on iPad"? The answer would be no. So what's better, a rip off clone of StarCraft, or nothing?

      • SMP

        And thats fine, but for games like Starfront specifically, they need to do a better job of taking their source material (or rip off), and adapting the gameplay to take the platform its on into full consideration. Instead, this game comes off as a google translation of Starcraft, and plays just as poorly... on iphone/ipod touch at least, though if the gameplay is the same on ipad, then I would say the same for that version as well.

      • Anonymous

        Nothing. I won't play a shitty Starcraft clone (Starfront) anyway. And at the end of the day I'd rather people don't profit from making shitty games just 'cause they can.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I vowed a while ago never to buy another Gameloft game ever again. Not only are they shameless rip offs, but most of them have downright terrible gameplay. It's obvious that, at least in the past, they had a design philosophy that emphasized first; modeling their games on recognizable IPs; second, including 3D visuals; leaving gameplay dead last.

      And even the first two attributes are given no polish. The games never live up to the IPs that inspire them, and the graphics design is often boring and unimpressive.

  • Clyndon

    I'ts about time. I played it on the iPhone as far as I could with the small screen but had to stop. Since then I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and.... I'm so looking forward to this. The game is great - even on the small screens. In my opinion it's the first real RTS expirience in iOS. It's far better than EAs iOS port of Command and Conquer.

    • Anonymous

      C&C Red Alert wasn't even worth the 0.99 I got it for on sale. I would go as far as to say it was pretty pathetic.

      LASW is the best RTS right now, but with lack of multiplayer, it doesn't have much replay value..