Coin Drop is a cool mobile-focused game. By that I mean, it’s easy to pick up, easy to put down, easy to resume, and a blast to play wherever. But more important than its breeziness, Coin Drop [$.99] rocks. It’s a little like Peggle [$2.99] in the sense that you’re playing a game that involves pachinko-like rules and attributes. In Coin Drop, you have control of a set amount of coins. On the board, which is full of various obstructions that twirl, rotate, or react to weight, there are other, bluer coins that you need to “capture” by hitting them with your coins.

In a cool twist, a given level continues after each blue coin is captured by your coins. At this point, Coin Drop turns into a “How do I make this bonus bigger” game. Design-wise, it embraces this fact by giving you star ratings that’ll allow you, eventually, to enter into other whimsically themed levels.

I mentioned Peggle earlier because the design is similar, but there are some important deviations to keep in mind: foremost, you can unload up to five coins on the board at the same time, which can net some pretty wild results -- you’ll score like a madman just due to the fact that your coins are bouncing off each other and then the walls. Also, there are several different kinds of coins, each with their own weight and properties, which really mixes up what you can do.

Oh, and there’s like 60 levels in this game -- you’ll not want for content for a while.

I feel really good about recommending this one. Sure, the boards can get a bit messy when you start letting the coins fly with reckless abandon, but I think that’s the vision here: there is no sweet science to Coin Drop, you just drop a bunch of coins, look at the pretty lights, and enjoy the challenge of trying to reach the blue coins. It’s simple, sure, but in a satisfying one-more-play kind of way.

So, yeah, go grab this. It’s breezy, entertaining, and rather simple -- the Tri-force of mobile game design. Check it!

TouchArcade Rating

  • Guest

    I was hoping for a game play video...I'm not exactly sure what that was.

  • TheFrost

    Me either. Before buying i advice to watch some gameplay video first...

  • Shaun McGill

    Must admit I wasn't too impressed by this game. Expected more from Full Fat- maybe I need to play a little more.

  • Pc

    When you hide gameplay ( in the video), do you think there is probably a reason???

  • Joseph

    Bought this on a 15 minute break at work...played for a minute...can NOT wait for my hour lunch to be consumed by this game. Fantastic. Very peggle-esque but with a little more creativity I think.

  • Jcat

    A blank video would have served just as well at showing us what this game was all about.

  • Anonymous

    The most useless promo video...

  • Guest

    The official Gameplay video is now available at:

  • Anonymous

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  • Cutty

    I finished the game this morning and I have to say I thought it was excellent.
    1. Supreemly polished art, sound and level design.
    2. I like the speed of this game compared to Peggle. Each level can be finished much quicker than Peggle by throwing all your coins in very quickly.
    3. The fact that the challenges vary (apart from putting all the bad pennies in jail) keeps it fresh and gives the player different options when trying to get high scores.
    This kind of game is starting to change the quality bar for iPhone titles. Judging by position App it's already selling very well. It proves that good puzzle gameplay like that found in Linkoidz or Fruit Frenzy is not enough. Developers with solid inovative Puzzle mechanics must pump the game full of polish and cuteness to get a break. I think my point is proven by games like Land-a-Panda, Coin Drop, Liqua Pop and too a lesser extent bird zapper.

    Cute + innovative + fun = €€€€ 😀

  • Anonymous

    Not cool on iPad. I was expecting a fullscreen game, got ugly black bars on all sides. They could have just filled them will color so they don't have to redesign the game. Ohh well, another $1 in the trash...

  • Appsupport @ Full Fat

    If you would like colorful borders on the iPad version, simply follow this quick tip during gameplay:
    Touch the the blue Pause button in the top left hand corner of the screen.
    Touch the white X in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This will change the border colour.
    Click the green Play (resume) button to continue with yuor game.

  • at_ease

    The game looks pretty neat. I noted the "Wilhelm" scream in the trailer, that was really funny. 😀

Coin Drop! Reviewed by Brad Nicholson on . Rating: 4.5