Remember the iCade? It was originally unveiled at CES earlier this year and promised to offer a classic arcade machine experience for your iPad. What made the whole thing even more interesting was that the iCade's creators, Ion, apparently had Atari onboard for the project as well. With the launch of Atari's Greatest Hits last week, it seems Atari has held up their end of the bargain, now all Ion needs to do is release the iCade.

It would appear all things are proceeding as planned for the launch of the iCade as 9to5Mac spotted the device sailing through the FCC approval process. Swing on by the FCC site to see all kinds of photos, and the iCade's manual which actually instructs owners of the device to go download Atari's Greatest Hits [Free] as part of the setup process.

If you want the $99 retro controller, there's two ways to get one- First off, you can head over to ThinkGeek where you can sign up to be notified for the device to be in stock. Alternatively, GameStop is offering pre-orders which seems like a better route than signing up for a mailing list if you want to get one when the iCade launches on 5/31.

  • Bretonmj

    Is there any info on games other than Atari Greatest Hits being compatible?

    • Anonymous

      it just uses keyboard commands - so there's no reason why not. however, I don't believe that they have released what those commands are. they really should so devs could start adding in support now!

  • Anonymous

    Any idea how the controls are connected? Via the iPod dock? Via bluetooth?

    Are their suction cups to secure the cabinet a the tabletop? I can't see them simply weighing it down as that would increase the shipping cost unnecessarily/

    • Anonymous

      bluetooth. it sends out keyboard commands so any game could take advantage of it.

  • Robotron2084

    I will buy an iCade, but ONLY IF other devs beside Atari start announcing they will support it.

    Cave in particular. Mini SHMUP arcade would be awesome.

    I also hope the controls are decent quality. Need a review ASAP.

  • pup

    Shame there's no trackball or spinner option.

    Maybe "ver.2"?

    Ah, well... at least my iPad1 has a place to call home now.

  • OMG

    I see that it has at least 8 buttons..,. enough for Street Fighter!

  • Adams Immersive

    I hope it has a built-in charging dock, or at least a way to secure your charging cable so that it’s as solid as a drop-in dock.

    I’d be tempted to get one as my sofa-side dock!

  • James Kochalka

    Does the Atari bundle actually come free with the iCade? Do the games display differently than they do without it... that is, if you use the iCade are the giant buttons gone from the touch screen?

    • Anonymous

      According to the description off of GameSlop's site, it comes with 10 games including Atari's Asteroids. Wonder if that means the other 9 are from that Atari pack... ?

  • fg

    This looks awesome. Now all we need is an iJukebox so I can play tunes in a retro style case.

  • Mattman93

    I hope it's Sanwa'd out, but honestly it probably won't be 🙁

  • Sixline

    This will be great with a MAME emulator. Granted, that's just for folks that jailbreak.

  • hiaperture

    Well I really wanted to get this from think geek since it was their own april fools that inspired it, but I have been on their "mailing list" since it was first introduced, and have never gotten any information out of them. Game stop might just have my pre-order.

  • Gamer23

    The review looks good. All iCade needs is to join hands with a couple of other developers to provide a good gaming experience. Let see what they come up with !