One of our very favorite dual-stick shooters, Bug Heroes [Free], has just received its most significant update yet. Bug Heroes is a blend of dual-stick shooting and tower defense, and pulls the mixing of these genres off beautifully as we noted in our original review. After the 1.1 update in early February which added universal iPad support and Game Center, today Bug Heroes has been updated to version 2.0 which adds more new features than you can shake a stick at, and to celebrate the game will be free for the next few days.

You can check out the extensive log of changes in the Bug Heroes app description, which include a ton of bug fixes and balance tweaks, but the main attraction in this latest update is the addition of 6 new playable characters downloadable via IAP. These include a Fly Bandit, a Worm Demolitions Expert, a Stick Bug Wizard, a Ladybug Fencer, a Termite Builder, and a Grasshopper Monk. Each of the new characters bring their own unique style, equipment, and abilities which offer new ways to play through the game.

These new characters are available in 3 different IAP "Hero Packs" which are 99¢ apiece and each come with 2 playable characters, 1 new level, 6 new enemies for that level, and 1 new turret. For those that don’t want to buy anything, this update has some new things for you as well. There’s a brand new Picnic level for the Coliseum, piercing bullets for the Ant, an evade ability for Spider, and a boomsticks weapon for Beetle. Players will be able to choose from any 3 characters that they own to form their own style team to play through the game with, offering a ton of different combinations for different strategies.

We already really liked Bug Heroes before, and this latest update adds so much new content that it’s practically a completely new game. It should be noted that whatever current game you have in progress will be reset after downloading the update, so make sure to finish things up before updating if you’re interested in not losing your progress. If you haven’t yet checked out Bug Heroes, it’s highly recommended to pick it up while it’s currently free. Even without any of the IAP packs, you are getting a ton of fun content in the base game and can choose to add more content as you go with the availability of the new character packs.

  • GodSon

    A must have iOS game for 2011 hands down(and my current GOTY)!

    • Electrical

      cool game!!

  • Truth

    Oh my God! Downloading now. What luck?! Have always wanted to get this but was previously holding back due to a backlog of games. Can't wait to finally play this!

    • Anonymous

      Since you got it for free, you MUST buy the DLCs to support the devs! Do it! You won't be disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely one of my favorite games on iOS. I wish we could configure the gamepad location though that is minor.

  • wilbair

    really good game!!

  • Huggybear

    Why even buy games at this point?
    It seems that my old rule ("Buy only at 99c") is going to have to be revised to "Buy only when free." It's a fine game, not quite my tastes, but these price cuts are just getting weird.

    • Mrsmartiepants

      You could probably get by doing that, but try not go get super butthurt about people being nice. I actually paid for this when it was several dollars and I'm not upset that the price has changed now. It's been out for a good while, so why buy games? So you don't wait half a year to try it. The only time you have a reason to be upset is if they say they will raise the price, you buy it, and then they set it free, or something similar.

      Pull the stick out of your ass and be happy people are willing to give out free samples. You win some you lose some.

  • Requ13m

    The developers explained the rationale behind this action in the forums! Pop by when you're free...

    It seems like everyone is either too busy playing the long awaited update or posting on the forum to comment on this post!

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  • guest

    I only want to by one dlc wich one should it be?

  • Bugheroesrules

    Which hero should I buy?

    • Bugheroesrules

      Got the termite and worm one, pretty useless in the attic

  • Bugheroesrules

    General guide to new IAP's

    Locked and loaded
    Turret: scouter, increases range of all other turrets and points out food and objects when maxed

    Worm: haven't found a use for him yet , does next to no damage, has extremely fast regen though, can heal himself in seconds

    Termite: good for setting up defences, esp on maps with tight areas

    Dath from above
    Turret: food cultivator,
    Makes food near your base

    Fly: not as good as ant damage wise but extremely fast, can trade food for money and has a good spinning shot ability

    Ladybug: well armored, fast and good damage an has some good abilities, perfect for coliseum

    The grandmasters:
    Turret: mushroom maker, makes mushrooms by your base which give you better speed, armour and damage when eaten.

    Stickbug: I find him very useful in adventure mode, has a powerfull attack and the best abilities in the game, pretty slow though

    Hopper: I haven't found a use for him yet, doesn't do much damage but can restore health by killing things

  • wwwfdf

    Does anyone now if theres an alternive to scrolling items in this?(If its like dev mode because I havent tried it yet). 
    fake omega