There has been an awful lot of action on Chillingo's YouTube channel lately, and I'm stoked as hell to play Dream Track Nation. Not a whole lot of details are available yet aside from the trailer, a few screenshots on the game's web site and a vague release date in our forums. Currently they're shooting for the game to be "on the App Store for E3."

Check out the trailer:

I love these kinds of 2D physics-based games, as evident by my unnatural love for JellyCar [Free] (and the rest of the JellyCar series) and I really dig any game that includes online level editing and sharing since it seems to enhance replay value so much. It's hard to say what to make of the release date, as E3 isn't coming until June 7th. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long.

  • SMP

    Is E3 even relevant for the iOS? Especially considering that Apple is hosting their annual WWDC on the same week (since Apple doesn't give a d*** about no E3's E1's, or E2's).

  • TC

    This reminds me of Line Rider with (better?) graphics. COOL!

  • TKO

    I like the graphic style. I'm also totally addicted those 2D games with vehicles and physics. Moto-X Mayhem and Bike or Die especially .. GI Joyride would kinda fit in this genre too, I guess. I've had that game on my phone since it came out and it's still great for a quick blat down the dirt track. The (totally superfluous) epilogue stories are a real laugh.

  • Sumorer

    Looks like Stick Stunt Biker

  • E_Domina

    looks really fun. these types of games should be here more

  • GG

    Looks like Action SuperCross/Elasto Mania...