Ever since the introduction of the Unreal Engine on iOS, the graphical capabilities of games have exceeded anything I would have previously thought possible on the platform, as most notoriously evidenced by Epic and Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade [$5.99]. A new video for the upcoming game Dream:scape has similarly grabbed my attention with its gorgeous visuals and promise of expansive game world.

Not much is really known about Dream:scape, other than it’s built using the Unreal Engine and is said to contain more than 30 acres of in-game explorable landscape and building interiors. It’s described as an “interactive storytelling experience”, and it looks to be more along the lines of an adventure game rendered in 3D rather than a more traditional role-playing game. The developer offers a bit more information in a comment on his YouTube channel:

The player takes on the persona of a coma patient unlocking his past by exploring the dreamscape of his memories. As the player explores the huge open world, memories are unlocked. These are represented by cut-scenes, featuring audible dialog, and diary entries, which the player reads in-game via a 3-D representation of a leather-bound book. The player must determine which areas to explore so as to find and unlock the story.

Dream:scape is currently in review with Apple, and barring any sort of complications should be released soon. In regards to whether it will run on older devices or not, the developer notes that it’s built on the same Unreal Mobile engine as Infinity Blade, so how that game performs on your particular device may be an indication of how well Dream:scape will run, though no official device support has been finalized. There’s currently a discussion thread for Dream:scape in our forums, and we’ll hopefully have more from this intriguing title in the coming weeks.

  • Heinz


    • Frank

      ditto, nice (yellow) plane though

      • Anonymous

        No doubt it needs more endless running or jumping to entertain you?

        I'm excited by the prospect of this game. If it lives out like the trailer describes, it's some kind of Myst style game. I approve!

      • http://twitter.com/The_Unflattered Gee Lampa

        You have to forgive the younger / less illuminated crowd that doesn't remember the magical time of gaming that involved innovative exploration and creative gameplay; the type that didn't involve shooting or hacking at stuff.

      • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

        Screw that, you old people will die when it comes down to the young invasion. We love our guns and hacking limbs off. Enjoy fumbling around a shed while we put napalm in your face.

      • Anonymous

        BTW, you have no idea what you're in for as you age, and people like you especially will have the toughest time. It's very cool how life works.

      • http://twitter.com/The_Unflattered Gee Lampa

        Got enough terrycloth sweat gear, Mike?

      • Kilaude

        Is this Mike guy twelve? I'm 27, come and put napalm in my face

    • Decoy Octopus

      You probably own a device not capable of running the Unreal 3 engine.

  • Kevin

    looks incredible

  • TheTheory

    Sounds fantastic. Of course, time will tell.

  • Jay

    The artwork is amazing. I hope they didn't run this preview from an iPad 2 with a disclaimer that it may run/ look different depending on your device... cause that would be low.

  • SMP

    Boring? c'mon, you guys suck......that said, I am glad to see regards to iOS that it is now getting 3D games that of PS2/Xbox quality. It's a considerable upgrade from just two years ago

    • http://twitter.com/FiniAlring Fini Alring

      Most likely wont run on any device available two years ago 😉

  • SMP

    stink, I mean stink, that's a civil term, right?

  • SMP

    (edit) Boring? c'mon, you guys suck......that said, I am glad to see in regards to iOS that it is now receiving 3D games that are of PS2/Xbox quality, and may end up going beyond in the next year or two. It's a considerable upgrade from just two years ago.....all assuming you didn't buy an iOS device recently.

  • circuit

    WHY oh WHY do they hire such horrible voice actors? So much time spent making a beautifully rendered 3D world to be shit on by some lackluster performances of subpar voices. This deserves an intervention.

    • Anonymous

      I'm at work an unable to watch with sound, but as a general question I totally agree. These developers can't be stupid, they know the voices sound like shit in these games.

      I mean, in the case of Gameloft I know the company just doesn't give a shit and will try and cash in on their rip-offs of popular IPs with their marginal 3D graphics, but with an independent developer like this, you really wonder.

      If the voices aren't working out, just use text boxes. I would seriously rather just read the text than hear it voiced. This is true even when the voice acting isn't that bad. Some games (Rockstar games and some RPGs) are finally starting to pull it off, but there are still awkward pauses and this weird notion of a human voice coming out of a rendered character model.

    • Anonymous

      You have to remember, though, this seems to be the first game of a small studio - maybe even a one man show. With limited capital, many of these developers bring on friends/family to do voice acting and such. I don't find it too bad, better than a lot of games I've seen, but maybe if they make a few dollars off of this one they can have a bigger budget and do some actual casting for the next one.

  • http://twitter.com/Shamko Max Shamko

    graphics look SWEEEEEET!!!

  • Heinz


    You call this a game? LOL

  • http://twitter.com/The_Unflattered Gee Lampa

    I think it looks incredible, and if it has the quality of Myst, but in full-motion, (a la RealMyst), I'm sold.

  • Mr. Reeee

    You mean it'll be like Second life only stupider? 😉

  • Maikelg

    This looks like the sort of game i've been waiting for on the iDevice. And already in review? Sweet! Can't wai't to play this. It seems to have a bit of a Silent Hill mixed with Myst vibe to it. I hope it's a solid puzzle adventure.

  • Frumius

    I think it looks awesome. My hope is that they put enough to explore/unlock/decipher, etc. I hope it has as much story depth as it has beautiful visuals.

  • Whiteplayer3d

    fuc*i*g gr8 look :O
    We need The Elder Scrolls Touch 😀

  • Brent_AW

    Worzel Gummidge: The Game?

  • At God

    That's some good voice acting. I'll give it a look

  • Zandog

    Give me a good FPS developed under this engine please. Thank you.

  • Zandog

    Give me a good FPS developed under this engine please. Thank you.

  • Speedbumpstudios

    Hey all, loving the comments! This is Geo from Speedbump, creator of dream:scape. A few quick replies:

    I knew straight off that this title would repel a lot of hardcore button-mashers, since it is a slower paced/story-driven experience, but being a lover of Myst-style games myself, I knew there would be an audience for such a thing on iPhone/iPad.

    When Infinity Blade came out, some of the major complaints about it were that it didn't offer the sort of open world experience that Epic Citadel provided. I determined to make a game that offered buckets of open world exploration, with an embedded, immersive story (unlike Epic Citadel) that the player must unravel. This won't be a game to master but an experience to sink into. I don't think there is anything remotely like it on the iPhone/iPad, so yeah, it's a bit of an experiment. We shall see how gamers respond to it, but I am also very curious to see if it draws in a typically non-gaming demographic as well.

    Until then, the next game is already in development. Onward!

    • circuit

      You should hire me as a voice actor for your game-in-development. I can do a much better job than whats in the video above, thats for sure...

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y2UU35RVDQBVXP5DXJVZAX5YSE John

      Will definitely check it out!

    • Anonymous

      Hello! I'm wondering if this is a more relaxing title, or it it has an eerie feel to it. Either one would be great! 😀

    • MrLoxy

      Hi there Geo,

      Just wanted to say that this looks to be one of *the* most intriguing games I've laid my eyes on for many a year.
      Enhanced by the fact that it's on such a sexy device.

      Totally refreshing.

  • looksfamiliar

    Didn't I already play this when it was Aspyr's "Dreamfall" or Psygnosis's "Sentient"?

    Oh oh, I just compared it to one really popular game and one really unpopular one. What will the marketing people think?

  • Acidbottle

    not many games peak my interest atm but this really has. nice trailer video and good voice acting for a change makes this one to look out for if yer into the adventure genre.

    no zombies to kill tho may bring out some QQ ha!

  • DonPerson

    Looks interesting, might be a purchase

  • Adams Immersive

    Looks great so far! I know some people find story and mood to be a distraction, but I want more of that, not less! I want games to be as varied and artistic as books and movies (tip of the hat to Frictional and Tale of Tales) and this looks like one more welcome step in that direction!

    And fear not: mindless blasting/jumping/matching/grinding will live on as well: those classic play styles are still fun, and gaming doesn’t have to be either-or. We can have new experiences in the market without taking anything away from those who don’t want to branch out.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks good. I look forward to trying it out! Hope there is a native iPad version.

  • FreeFrog

    We have plenty of tactics games, casual puzzle games, FPS', etc., so I'm excited to see some new adventure titles using quality 3D engines. I'm not a huge adventure game fan myself, but I know many who are and the iOS seems like a perfect platform for these types of games.

  • Anonymous

    I see an airplane... Unreal flying level? 😀

  • Anonymous

    This game has me intrigued 🙂

  • mrmyco

    cool...i like these sort of unique casual type of games..looking forward to it

  • Voo000

    i'm a bit shocked that people keep commenting on the trite, stilted voice work, while nobody has yet mentioned anything about that dippy looking scarecrow thing. meh...

  • Gaffman


    I still fire up Epic Citadel from time to time to marvel at the visuals. Glad to hear there are titles in the works looking to leverage the unreal engine for something other than FPS's.

    With the positive response to Sword & Sworcery, there is easily a market for more immersive experience/less action orientated titles. Variety is the spice of life! Keep it up 🙂

  • RPGgamerz

    i love it... I love this unique kind of game. i sure purchase it. Hopefully the story is nice as its graphic.

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  • Jord

    so can we expect unreal tourt on the iphne next??