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Unreal Engine-Powered ‘Dream:scape’ Looks Interesting and Beautiful

Ever since the introduction of the Unreal Engine on iOS, the graphical capabilities of games have exceeded anything I would have previously thought possible on the platform, as most notoriously evidenced by Epic and Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade [$5.99]. A new video for the upcoming game Dream:scape has similarly grabbed my attention with its gorgeous visuals and promise of expansive game world.

Not much is really known about Dream:scape, other than it’s built using the Unreal Engine and is said to contain more than 30 acres of in-game explorable landscape and building interiors. It’s described as an “interactive storytelling experience”, and it looks to be more along the lines of an adventure game rendered in 3D rather than a more traditional role-playing game. The developer offers a bit more information in a comment on his YouTube channel:

The player takes on the persona of a coma patient unlocking his past by exploring the dreamscape of his memories. As the player explores the huge open world, memories are unlocked. These are represented by cut-scenes, featuring audible dialog, and diary entries, which the player reads in-game via a 3-D representation of a leather-bound book. The player must determine which areas to explore so as to find and unlock the story.

Dream:scape is currently in review with Apple, and barring any sort of complications should be released soon. In regards to whether it will run on older devices or not, the developer notes that it’s built on the same Unreal Mobile engine as Infinity Blade, so how that game performs on your particular device may be an indication of how well Dream:scape will run, though no official device support has been finalized. There’s currently a discussion thread for Dream:scape in our forums, and we’ll hopefully have more from this intriguing title in the coming weeks.