It was all the way back in September of 2010 that we first got wind of Race After 1977 [$4.99] which at the time was "nearing release." Of course things never go as planned, and after many months of delays later, the game if currently live on the App Store. Included is 10 tracks which spread across 5 environments with 9 cars to race. Unlocking all of this content involves competing in tournaments, and placing well.

Xpect Games spent so long on this game tweaking their home-grown game engine to provide the exact kind of crazy physics that you can find in Race After 1977. Jumps are everywhere, crashes are plentiful, and like any arcade racer, you'll almost always be drifting while turning. Check out the launch trailer:

A lite version is planned as well as an iPad version which will be enhanced for the iPad 2. Initial impressions on our forums seem positive, but odd framerate drops and the strange arcade racer style physics have left us not liking it as much as we thought we would.

  • Jay

    Looks fun! The preview is from the iPad 2 version, I'm guessing.

  • Mike

    SF Rush, baby! This looks cool.

  • Schnapple

    As someone who has been waiting the progress of Duke Nukem Forever for over 12 years, your definition of a six month wait as an "epic development cycle" is flawed.

    • Watchlaar

      Do you really attribute those 12 years to an epic development process?

      I can think of something else that's flawed.

  • The Truth

    Standards, dude, it's all about them different standards.

    Development times for iOS titles are generally much shorter than for PC or console games, so a 6 month delay is pretty long.

  • Matthew Imes

    Hmm. I'm thinking I'll wait for the lite version before forking over $5.

  • Z3r036

    The word epic sucks

  • Anonymous

    Confused about the title... Are we racing to get 1977, or are we racing at an unspecified date after 1977?

  • MetalHeaded

    This one hasn't really impressed me so far. The cars feel like you're driving on ice and when you ram someone to "roll" them, as soon as the enemy car reaches around 90 degrees they instantly re-spawn back onto the track and take off again the same way you do.

    • oliath

      I agree with you.
      Don't make the mistake I did and interpret 'epic development cycle' as meaning that the game will be good.
      In the shadow of Death Rally this game feels pretty pathetic already.
      I regret the impulse purchase.

      • HeavyTurbolaser

        same here!

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the impressions. This looked like a really well made trailer to a basic racing game anyways.

    • Charles Albert

      Did you awesomely guessed it just watching the video?

  • Derpa Derp

    Sad that most of the games being released are only for upper gen devices. :C

  • Derpa Derp

    Sad that most of the games being released are only for upper gen devices. :C

    • Matthew Imes

      I'm with ya! I have a 1st Gen Touch. Though I'm saving money for the next gen Touch this fall. 🙂 But still........

  • Derpa Derp

    Sad that most of the games being released are only for upper gen devices. :C

  • Truth

    Not really impressed. Graphics are okay. Nothing really much to do that's new to iOS racing games. I'd still rather play Hot Pursuit and Death Rally.

  • SicMX

    Looks good! Will definitely give it a go. It also looks very similar to Uber Racer 3D

    • Matthew Imes

      I have Uber Racer and it's kinda meh. Tuning does help the cars, but it's still hard to control. Not the best racer out there, by any means.

  • Novaro

    To be honest this game seems like the Xenome of the iOS racing games. You can see the devs put in a lot of time into certain key areas and they work well for eg. the graphics but I think that the lack of polish as well as a few minor control problems are really hindering this one from standing out

  • Jimmie


  • whata guy

    Give me Interstate 76 or give me death.

  • Anonymous

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