Here’s a weird one: NBA Jam [$4.99] on consoles won’t be receiving a roster update that reflects all the mid-season moves teams made as the NBA trade deadline closed, but the mobile version of the title will -- and has. Starting now, one can go on a massive losing skid as the Knicks led by Carmelo “Defense Is For Babies” Anthony or, even better, get some insight into Deron Williams' surely deep, deep depression as a member of the Nets.

As if roster updates weren’t enough, EA has also thrown in some “tweaks” to the core experience. The patch notes aren’t available online, but I’m assuming some of the bugs users have been freaking out about since release have been addressed.

Don't mind that Felton guy. He's gone now, too!

If you’ve been on the fence about NBA Jam, well, this is as good of a time as ever to get into the experience of the terrific arcade basketball title, especially since EA is obviously willing and able to update the game with current rosters -- something even the console owners won’t be getting after dishing out 40+ dollars for their version. We can point and laugh at these guys now, right? Finally!

  • bones boy

    Defense is for babies! LOL! Add most of the Golden State Warriors to that list.

  • Michael Cohen

    Unexpected and welcome: a roster update? Outstanding.

  • Paul

    I want a universal or iPad version of this, badly.

  • Justsomedude

    Still $4.99, YESS!! I guess "$0.99 or I ain't buyin' " crowd will be waitin' for a while to enjoy this game. 😉

    • Anonymous

      I'm waiting for that or online multiplayer, it would have been a day one purchase if it had that.

    • Jason

      I know the second I buy this it will drop to 99 cents and a $9.99 iPad version will be released.

      If this was universal I would buy right now, but I mainly want it to play on my iPad, not iPhone...and I know they aren't going to make this universal as releasing a second version will give them more publicity inside the app store.

  • Anonymous

    Not in europe, EA Nederlands has been yo-yoing the price up and down.

    Have they fixed the gamebreaking crashes though?

  • Michael Diamant

    LOL on the Melo comment

  • Eleven

    I want Stoudemire back in Phx...

  • Anonymous

    So still no multiplayer update, as was hinted in the original app description?

    Still waiting on that, and as others have mentioned, a universal update.

    Love Jam, but I don't feel like I can support this yet.

  • PUP

    Come on, EA! iPad this thing already!!!!

  • Egg

    I got the update, but it seems like there is a bug with the lighting. Everything is very dark now and the players and ingame objects (e.g. backboard) have very dark sharp edged shadows on them. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Anonymous

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