Before you get good and unsober later tonight, EA would like you to take a spin in a tricked out Need For Speed Undercover car. Or kick a soccer ball. Or punch a dude in the face. Or piece together a tower of multi-colored blocks. That’s right, another holiday sale is in full effect on the App Store. EA has slashed the prices of a bunch of its stable in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the the latest holiday-related excuse to have a sale.

A lot of games are on sale, so I’ve assembled a little list below. And, as usual, there’s no mention of when or if this sale will end.

Scrabble for a dollar? Yeah, I’ll take that.

  • nesio718

    i did a post on this in the discount forum. sale ends this weekend.

  • LBG

    The sale is US only. Which means no sales for Irish people, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Scrabble is iPhone version only. I thought it was the iPad version and bought it without paying attention.

  • Anonymous

    No Dead Space or NBA Jam? Dang it.

  • Marc Kusnierz

    Scrabble? Monopoly? ...would be nice... if they were the iPad versions. Would have been a good idea; I heard a new one came out and whatnot.

  • Rudi

    And still no touch Control in the Need for Speed Games.Hey EA we need it,especially for ipad.This device is heavy!Give us the choice, like other devs do.

  • Chaz Tyldsley

    Mirrors Edge and EA Sports MMA 59p in the UK. Sims 3 isn't on sale though here.

  • Udjets

    Really, no iPad versions for sale? Not asking for $0.99, but come on. Some people just dumped a small fortune on this new device and are prety leary about racking up any huge app bills right now.

  • Jeffneely

    Wow, no iPad love. A shame given that there are a bunch of new iPad owners like me...

  • Mart

    Shame there is no update fo the UK version of scrabble .The US game has a much clearer interface and retina display graphics ,I can't understand why the UK version hasn,t been updated.