All the way back in January of 2010, Ryan Mitchell Games released Necromancer Rising [Free], an RPG of impressive scale. Utilizing their own in-house developed "Soul Engine", the game comes packed with tons of content and customization while still being capable of running well on ancient iOS devices. The graphics look a little dated, but if you can get beyond that you'll be in for 60 hours of gameplay across 50 in-game dungeons with 49 different bosses.

Check out the trailer which shows a bunch of bosses, dungeons, and gameplay:

Anyway, the whole reason that this game is free is because of the launch of Mission Europa, a Sci-Fi themed title based on the same engine which has an additional year of development under its belt. Again, the graphics in Mission Europa are definitely rough around the edges compared to modern video games, but the amount of content and customization is crazy. The 50 hours of gameplay is comprised of 50 different levels over 5 episodes and 170 missions. Also included are 180 different enemies, 50 bosses, and 30 unique armor sets.

Give the trailer a look:

One odd thing about Mission Europa is that it comes in two different editions. First off, there's Mission Europa Collector's Edition HD [$9.99] and Mission Europa Standard Edition HD [$3.99] they seem to be the same game, but the Collector's Edition comes with all of the content while the Standard Edition has it for sale in-game via IAP.

It sounds weird, but people on our forums are absolutely in love with the game. It had a ridiculously huge thread in our upcoming games forum, and now that it's out there's an equally massive thread in our games forum. In addition, there's even a FAQ thread filled with forum members helping others with the game.

I'd definitely give Necromancer Rising a try first, as the game mechanics are similar enough that you'll easily be able to get a feel for whether or not you can deal with how the game feels before getting involved in Mission Europa. Either way, it's impressive seeing indie developers like this releasing games of this scope and scale, so swing by the forums and see what others are saying about the games.

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  • Jarin Udom

    It's weird because the graphics are terrible, the voice acting is wonky, the interface sucks, and the writing is questionable, but yet THE GAME IS SO AWESOME.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh. Comment form ate my post.

    The teal deer version is that I'm completely unconnected with the game, the developer, and the fans - played Necromancer Rising earlier today when it went free and it sold me on Mission Europa. Jarin's right - because it's so ridiculous and low-budget and sincere about splashing blood all over the ground textures and attacking you with robots it [i]is[/i] awesome. The interface could be better, the voice acting has a wonderful voice-synthesiser I AM ROBOT BZZ KILL ALL MEAT character to it, at least from what I've seen so far, and the game is dripping with atmosphere. Cheesy, 15-year-old's scribbles and THIS IS TOTALLY METAL imagination atmosphere, but great for it.

    The UI kinda sucks, but it's usable, and the game is fun enough to keep playing.

    If you're thinking you might be interested, it's worth grabbing Necromancer Rising while it's free - it's basically the same game, but older and with worse graphics and a fantasy theme, so a few more swords. Mission Europa certainly seems to have had a lot of work put into it to make it better than its ancestor, but the basic structure and atmosphere are there.

  • Pahncrd

    Mission Europa is 100x what Necromancer Rising was. Same feel, but better in every way.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I'm extremely excited, there is a dirth of sci-fi themed RPG's on the app store. In fact, the only one's I'm aware of are all fly space ship, deliver supplies, dog fight, and thats the entire game. I'm picking this up today.

  • drelbs

    Quick note for people wondering about the version differences: (From the FAQ thread)

    "3.99$ for the main game, 0.99$ for additional episodes (4 or them). You can also choose to buy all four episodes for 2.99$, saving a dollar. On top of that you can buy the collector's edition for 9.99$, you get the whole game and you can wear enemy armours/skins, an awesome sword and armour, 100 mana and 100 health potions. The whole game is also unlocked."

  • Noah

    What a cool idea... it'd be great if the collectors edition gave you more unique "free" things which could be purchased in the normal app, or maybe items that are exclusive to the collectors edition.

    It works with every other major game!

    • Anonymous

      According to the Mission Europa website there are a bunch of armor sets exclusive to the collectors edition.

  • Noah

    What a cool idea... it'd be great if the collectors edition gave you more unique "free" things which could be purchased in the normal app, or maybe items that are exclusive to the collectors edition.

    It works with every other major game!

  • Anonymous

    This game is really gonna seperate the men from the boys. I predict many people will take one look at the screenshots and turn away, leaving the rest of us to guard the secret of how awesome it really is. Not that we shouldn't spread the word, but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing the graphics freaks are missing out on something great.

  • MrSpud

    Thank you TouchArcade for taking the time to talk about this game. Ryan sure deserve a break, this game was created by one family man with a full time job, working evenings and weekends, it's quite an achievement.

    • EatTheRich

      Congrats to a passionate one man dev who has created something special !

      Game of The Year IMO!

      Congrats to Ryan - it's going to be massive !

  • Ryanmitchellgames

    Thanks MrSpud!

    A reminder to players

    Back to answering questions I am so pleased with the reactions.. very gratifying, and humbling!

  • Anonymous

    NR had more depth then 99% of the games on the App store. Very unique style where long term appeal takes a front seat over graphics. I played it in 2X on my iPad- not a pretty sight mind you, but OH so much fun. Downloading ME tonight! If you don't understand this style of game, or are turned off by the graphics, then you best go back and play your DS or PSP because you'll probably never "get it".

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  • TonyRockyHorror

    It's a damn shame he had to rip off the title of a William Gibson book.

    • Ryanmitchellgames

      Wow did a quick search he has a book named mission to europa.. Wow did not know him.. awesome.. I love his work!

      • Ryanmitchellgames

        Well not a named book but he wrote about europa it seems.. I bet his books are awesome!

      • Ryanmitchellgames

        WOW 12,000 views TA forums thank you!... everyone that has played loves it!! awesome!

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