Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, January of 2011, we awarded Dungeon Raid [$2.99] a stunning five stars in our review. I argued that we needed to embed a .JPEG of Eli doing a thumbs-up into the editorial as well, but those plans fell through. The point I’m making here is that Dungeon Raid is super awesome, and the new note I want to make with this post is that it’s going to get even better. A big update is being submitted.

What’s in this magical update? Well, according to a forum post by the devs, version 1.3 of Dungeon Raid will boast ten additional character classes, ten new skills, and five new monsters. “Lord Gek” on our forums elaborated on what’s being added in a later post. Races will, essentially, add in an advantage versus drawback element. Each race has a special bonus, but is also weak to a specific enemy type, so there’s an obvious strategic piece being added to the core game here, a perfect addition for those seeking more challenge.

As for the items, well, here’s what Gek had to say about the new “Arrows” variant. The picture he’s referencing is on the left:

“[Arrows] are essentially a new sword symbol variant with the special power of jumping over a space to keep the chain going,” he wrote. “If the player linked that arrow on the far left under Mr. Tosser they could continue the chain OVER the potion located NE of the arrow to link to the sword right under the sparkling dude.

“These arrows are spawned naturally with the Ranger class (5% any sword added to the grid will show up as an arrow) or all of the current swords in grid can be converted to arrows via one of the new skills,” he said.

Cool stuff, right? And there are more updates on the way, though in smaller, much more manageable forms. Frequent updates are always better than less frequent mega updates, right? Right!

  • phillipsteak

    awesome, i saw a reader suggest arrows in a thread. glad the dev listened!

  • Adams Immersive

    Sounds great. That chainlink looks like something new, too. (At least, I’ve never seen it.)

    But I have to say, the picture on the left and its explanation are a puzzle I am unable to crack! 🙂

    • Lord Gek

      Shoot, I just came to realize I meant the "skull" under Mr. Sparkly, not a "sword".

  • Ahiru

    what about the achievements?

    • Lord Gek

      Wow, I was all quoted and stuff on the front page!

      There might not be any true achievements in the game yet but there are boatloads of unlockables (some 90 if my math is right)

      As you play a game at Normal or higher you'll be unlocking new classes and once you've played a given class enough you'll unlock more customizing options with that class.

      Each class has a unique race and skill associated with it and it won't be until you've played a given class enough to reach the ultimate 10th level (not to be confused with character levels earned in a game), that you'll be able to use the class' unique skill with another class.

      • Ahiru Nakamura

        I understand, wasn't questioning (demanding) "where are the achievements", just wondering if they would be implemented or what (sorry about the way I posted it, was in a hurry @ work)

        Anyways, love the game, but (don't blame me) "true" achievements make things much more enjoyable in my humble opinion, that's just what I meant, again -- wasn't questioning content or unlockables (or the lack of them)

  • Psac

    If you haven't bought this game yet, you really should. It's awesome.

  • YoureAMessy

    HELL. YES.

  • Anonymous

    Hands down one of the best games in the App store. Don't even think of starting a game if you have plans. The update sounds like it's going to be so kick ass. This game hangs on my first page of apps, that's how worthy it is. 🙂

  • John Matthew

    I wanted to buy it then I heard it does not have achievements so I'll pass for now.

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      to be honest, i haven't played the game since i bought it (got it on sale hoping to see achievements in a future update), played like 2 rounds of it, loved it but put it down waiting for the now known "not coming" achievement update...

      heck, the game is great, but i don't feel compelled to play it, and i've been feeling like this since '05, when i got my xbox on launch day... why they made up such a good idea with the achievements system???

  • Anonymous

    I'll buy it once it's on sale again.

  • rekzkarz

    My fav game so far on iPhone.
    Please donate to a charity which will give to Japan.

  • ZeroCleric

    I haven't checked the forums as I don't want to try to sift though all that information, but is there any plans from the developer to make this universal or release an HD/iPad version. I think I would absolutely love this game, but I don't want to buy the game yet if they are going to make an iPad version in a few months. Rather wait for the better version like I am with Legendary Wars.

  • DearApple

    Please Update! I am checking app store every day since i read this.