An interesting trailer just passed through our inbox for an upcoming platforming game called Mos Speedrun. The game is being developed by Physmo, who have previously released Seaglass [99¢/HD] in the App Store, and it caught our attention with its focus on completing levels as fast as possible. It appears that just one hit will kill the character known as Mos, and the ghosts from your previous attempts will be running alongside you in the background to give you a means of measuring how well you’re doing in your current run (though this feature can be turned off if you choose).

Physmo promises a simple to use two button control scheme for working your way through the initial 20 levels, with additional level packs already planned for updates. Each level will have multiple goals to shoot for too, like strictly finishing as fast as possible, collecting every coin and item, or finding all the hidden skulls spread throughout. There is also the possibility of sharing ghost data online so you can take on your friends’ best runs, but this feature won’t make it into the initial release.

Mos Speedrun has a really nice 8-bit style and reminds me a bit of one of my other favorite iOS platformers League of Evil [$1.99/Lite]. That game proved that you can have tight controls using virtual buttons and it also had a focus on completing levels as quickly as possible. If Mos Speedrun can offer a similar experience with even just a fraction of the execution of League of Evil, then we may have another winner on our hands. Physmo only hints that Mos Speedrun is close to completion and doesn’t offer a solid release date, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for it to hit the App Store hopefully sooner than later.

  • Phil Baxter

    If it's 60fps, and controls well, then I'll pick this one up.

    League of Evil I could never get into as 30fps is death for a fast moving 2D game.

    • Physmo

      Yes, It's a solid 60fps, even on 3g itouch we tested 🙂

  • John

    the enviroments and level design already looks better than league of evil, and i like the style more from the looks of it. If it can match league of evils controls, and have bigger more varied levels, and obstacles; and good scope and variety in the actual gameplay as well, then it will be a winner for sure. League of evil controlld great but felt empty and dull for me.

  • Simon

    Hope they make the vertical camera movement only fire when the character jumps or drops a certain height. Bit nauseating atm with it being fixed to any vertical character movement.

  • The Frost

    Only 20 levels as initial release?? I think ill pass until they update it with a least 50 levels

    • EastsideStompers

      I think Pizza Boy has only 20 levels too. I suppose its worth will, as with Pizza Boy, ultimately depend on the challenge and length of each level. But agreed, on the surface it does seem a bit stingy.

  • Ainghe

    Super Meat Boy mixed with Knytt Stories? hmm...

  • Decoy Octopus

    Yawn. We don't need anymore Super Mario Clones.

    • Anonymous

      I notice no one replied to this, so I'll do the honours:

      Ahem... what?

      • nope

        someones not old enough to remember super mario games lol

  • Frisnit

    Looks great, very snappy controls and cool character. Bet the ghost thing appears in a number of games soon after if the game does well!

  • Anonymous

    This looks like trip back to the 90's PC platformer days.. Keen, Duke Nukem

  • poutini

    if it's got a decent amount of levels and solid controls, I'm in. we need more platformers on iOS.