It's crazy what we're starting to see on mobile devices as the performance gap closes more and more with each iteration of mobile technology. Back in the day when I was playing EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, and other ancient (by today's standards) MMORPG's, I never thought I'd be playing something that looked even remotely similar on my phone. Enter World of Midgard, an MMORPG based on the Unity engine that looks surprisingly similar to those very same 3D classic MMORPG's.

It's still way too early to pass any kind of judgement on this game, but the few YouTube videos that have been uploaded look awfully promising, and the developers seem very excited about the project. For instance, take a look at this fully narrated video on one of the game's dungeons:

Details are vague right now, but forum user Elevas30 compiled an array of responses from the developers to various YouTube comments on our forums. They expect to release the game in about four months, and it initially will come packed with four classes: Fighters, clerics, rogues, and mages. Among other details they've mentioned that all classes will be able to heal and resurrect party members. The game is also slated to be free.

I'm not entirely sure how excited to get about World of Midgard, especially considering the crazy balance issues that will almost surely arise from every class being able to resurrect and heal. Either way, I love that iOS and mobile devices have come so far. If a small team of indie developers few people have ever heard of are building ambitious projects like this, just imagine what would be possible in the future.

For more information and videos from the game, swing by our forums.

  • Guy

    This looks really bad.

    • Eli Hodapp

      They're development videos.

      • Benito Mussolini

        and they still look bad 🙁

  • Matthew L.

    Hmm. Looks like it controls really badly. Graphics are okay at best, and there's definitely some balance issues. Let's hope they get it fixed up by release.

    • Adams Immersive

      Turns out it’s only a preview of work in progress.

  • Sesquipedal

    I really like how fluid the running is on the ground. A lot of games, ESPECIALLY on the iPhone, never do fluid running in 3rd person. The ground moves faster than the legs, the joints on the person do not seem natural at all, etc. They could run faster mind you, but at least the animation is there. I really don't like the narration of the person. Way too scripted and 16 year old-ish. We get it, it's big. Other games are also big.

    • Matthew L.

      I hated the running. They're running one way, then you move the switch and the character just jumps in the other direction with legs floating above the ground. Just looks like a pain.

      • Sesquipedal

        Yeah very true, but that part I assume is because they just started making it. I am guessing another year or more in development yet. Only was when they were running straight, that you can see that they put some time into it.

  • Sesquipedal

    Also, I am not a fan of the fact that I got a bit excited thinking this was a FF7-branch game - and that the town spelling Midguard was just a translation interpretation.

  • Anonymous

    Oh gawd, not another traditional fantasy game. If I have to play another magic elf I'm going to vomit!

    ---- Disclaimer ----
    Please note this is not a condemnation of all fantasy games or a call for their eradication, nor is it a malicious insult directed at those who enjoy fantasy games. This is just my way of saying "Hey, developers! Can't you think of _anything_ a little more original?"

    • Thaurin

      If they used normal people with guns instead of elves and dwarves, would that make it any better?

      • Anonymous

        Isn't that like saying "if they use magic elves it's automatically better"? Both statements are quite erroneous because they overlook the most important elements of MMOs: Are they fun to play and is the world they set up interesting. When _everybody_ cranks out lame copies of World of Warcraft they fail on both counts. What is worse is when they fail (and most lame copy-cats do fail) they will say it was because MMOs are no longer popular or some other nonsense, never once admitting they had a bad idea (copy WoW) that was badly implemented (tried for too much with a limited system).

        If someone is going to put forth all this work to make a 3D adventure game, don't you think they should at the very least put in a little effort to make their game stand out from the crowd of lame imitators?

    • Anonymous

      Why we can't get a decent cyberpunk or scifi RPG for the iPad, I have no idea.

  • Andrzej Raczynski

    not to be sexist/crude, but between the long slim hands and young, accented voice, i couldn't concentrate on the gameplay in the video.

    • GamezRfunz

      Not to be sexist or rude, but I don't know wether to laugh at her, or with her... P.S. I'd tap it....the iPad....oh wait

  • Me

    Someone teach these people to use a tripod when filming a video. Ima gonna vomit.

  • Bahazal

    no matter how finished this game is it will bomb... this game may have been good 20 years ago. not today. how many more 3d games do we need unless it has some AMAZING new feature.. if i wanted to play this i'd play Liniage stop re inventing the frigging wheel.

  • Bobo

    4 months away? Someone can do what they just showed in Unity in a couple of days, all they have is a few models and 2 empty environments HUD, no combat system, non animated ennemies, no FX...not eventalking about networking

    • Shadow Era

      I like how the girl narrator said the portal was going to be "pretty" 🙂
      The dungeon is "big" because there are way less 3d objects to draw that way, so of course performance is good with a very sparse dungeon.
      But yeah, based on this video, seems more like 12-18 months away is a more accurate estimate.

      • Jsrco

        There are some other videos up and it looks like some of the art was directly stolen from WoW. If that is the case, I don't see this ever hitting the store.

      • Bahazal

        people waste their times doing the exact same thing over and over again.. thinking they are the first ones to do it. OH people running around in a 3d perspective . ive never seen that before..

  • Michael A. Robson

    Cool name, reminds me of Final Fantasy (extra slow wink)

  • Kim R

    I'm excited! We still have to see the day MMO can be run on both computers and phones. That would be great 🙂

  • Hooded

    Looks really poor, nothing interesting shown in the video, a lot of stuff in the video they "shown" wasn't even finished.

    "Here are the stairs, which are black at the moment, we havn't finished them"

    "Heres the portal, which will look better when we finish it"

    "This is a monster, which wont attack us because we havn't finished them"

    Then why show us this stuff, its not going to get us excited about the game.

    One more thing, I can understand why you would get a female to demo the game off, for slim smooth hands so we can see as much of the screen, but at least let the girl play the game first. The way she uses the iPad is funny. She puts her thumb on the "annolouge stick" and pushes it in the direction she wants to go, but then continues to keep pushing it that way then eventually has to stop to reposition her thumb. I'm not being sexist, If a dude dude done this, I would of just easily pointed it out. At the end of the day, if your not going to show anything impressive / interesting / finished, then don't show anything at all!

  • Nigra

    Preview or not, I can't imagine what the final game will look like, having in mind that aralon graphics are just decent, and that they will use the same engine to make a MMORPG

    Regnum for iOS please

  • Toast2042

    I can't believe not one commenter here thinks it'd be freakin' awesome to have a WoW-clone on the iPad. You're all complaining about the narration or the obviously-early in development gameplay. If you're that much better at making iOS MMORPGs, write one. I think it's awesome that this is even possible.

    • Troutmagnet

      Oh, it's great to see someone attempt something like this on iPad. But the implementation was beyond rough and didn't really show us anything that was promised. No interface, no working NPCs, no sub menus, no information about classes or abilities. The presenter was horribly unprofessional and this is supposed to be complete in 4 months!? Er. No...
      There's no way even Blizzard could get a working WOW clone playable with content in that time. Let's hope they're smart about this and delay it indefinitely until it's ready for prime time.

    • Www

      I know right. If this ppl keep complaining y not they just make 1 since they all talk like they can even make 1.

      • Retardfinder

        poop on your eye juicy pie.  y not they just make 1 since they all....  let me guess  you must either be like 6 years old, or an uneducated school dropout.  lrn engrish dipshit


    this game looks like shit, created by even worse smelling shit.  foreign garbage games, a dime a dozen...  BOOOOOM!   omg  what was that??  oh that was just world of garbagegar bombing...

  • Sdasda

    Are there mounts in this game?

  • yanhua wu


    uggs canada

  • Meredoble

    Criticizing a game that is still under development is really stupid, I like the look of this and it does look promising, and if they make it right it could be an awesome game. As for everyone else that said they're going to vomit etc. you are just a bunch of low lifes that doesn't know anything about game developing or even advanced PC usage, if you're going to criticize something at least make a point instead of sissy slapping in the dark.