Early last month we took a look at Bug Heroes [$1.99], a dual stick shooter of sorts that borrows gameplay elements from many different genres. In the game, you play as one of three bugs, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You must switch between them to protect your pile of food, and dish out punishment to the invaders looking to steal it. We went in to detail in our review:

The bulk of Bug Heroes takes place in the Adventure mode. Here you battle in 4 different environments using a combination of three different characters as you defend a stockpile of food from an onslaught of hungry insect enemies. Money is collected as you defeat enemies which can then be used on various types of upgrades. You can add several different types of turrets to your food pile to protect it while you are away, or you can buy better weaponry to increase the offense of each character. Gameplay involves exploring each environment to collect additional food to add to your stockpile while simultaneously fending off enemies. The game ends when all three characters die or your entire food reserve is depleted. ...Read More

The 1.1 update landed mere moments ago which adds new abilities, makes a whole bunch of balance changes, a ton of bug fixes, and... adds universal compatibility as well as Game Center.

Bug Heroes was an absolutely fantastic game in its original 1.0 release, and now that it's received this hefty update, you're really running out of excuses to not give this game a try. The way it blends dual stick shooter, castle defense, and RPG elements is really clever, and I still stand by what we said in our review: Bug Heroes makes it very difficult to go back to playing a standard dual stick shooter.

  • YoureAMessy

    Is this game worth it if you already have a ton of RPG and TD games?

    • Gwet17

      OH YES it is. It is probably the only one that, um, well, uh, OH WHAT THE HECK, IT JUST NAILS EVERYTHING PERFECTLY!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    An incredible update to an already amazing game.

  • alex

    this is what i love about many ios games. i purchased bug heroes when it came out and love it. now i can play it on my ipad... love it even more. great game; highly recommended!

  • Ross Sargeant

    Well, I promised to buy as soon as it went Universal - that's me bought! - well done guys!

    • Jas

      Same here


  • Anonymous

    This game is to dual stick shooters what Space Miner was to asteroid shooter games. Insanely addictive, endless strategies and combos.

  • yanhua wu


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